Popular Career Path Options


Patricia Sadowski, Staff Writer

Choose A Job You Love And You Will Never Have To Work A Day In Your Life”

— Confucius

Is there a career path you have decided to pursue ever since you were a child or are you still indecisive leading up to freshman year in college? Both sides are totally okay since a lot of individuals end up changing their major anyway, however, knowing what you’re interested in could help you save time in becoming that professional as well as help you save money in choosing the college containing that area of study. There are so many available options to students all over the world ranging from doctors to lawyers to accountants and so much more.The Best (and Worst) Email Sign-Offs for Job Seekers | FlexJobs

One subject field that has become quite popular over the years is nursing. To become a nurse is pretty difficult as you may experience patients taking their last breath or even visually seeing them struggle to be independent. Nurses have long shifts, sometimes even dealing with disrespectful patients. They are constantly working with computers, typing in all kinds of information to computer systems such as medications patients will be put on. So many challenges come with being a nurse, but it all comes down to one aspect. Do you love helping others? Nurses spend lots of time with their patients and provide them with the proper care that they need. Nobody is a fan of laying in a bed that’s not their own and having cables attached all over their body, but nurses want to comfort and assist the patients’ wants and needs, leading them on a path for recovery. 

Another field of research students are interested in is becoming a lawyer. Lawyers are important for many reasons because they are advocates and advisors for our society. They are great problem solvers and could even prevent the problem from causing greater issues. Lawyers work with their clients, inform them about the processes of law, and represent them in civil trials. In order to be certified, students have to pass an exam called LSAT, which is a Law School Admissions Test, and it tests the skills required to have success in the first year of law school. There are many fields in the lawyer system as there are criminal lawyers, immigration lawyers, corporate lawyers, bankruptcy, employment, family, medical malpractice and lots more. Since all these lawyers have different salaries for conducting different areas of law, they all have different salaries.

A field of study that is also beneficial to society is accounting. An accountant is a professional who is responsible for keeping and interpreting financial records. Majority of the accountants are accountable for a variety of tasks related to finance, so whether that would be tax return at the beginning of the year for an individual or employing larger businesses and organizations. They typically work in offices where they analyze certain information, prepare any statements that need to be made, organizing invoices, or supervising systems. Is math your strongest curriculum? Obviously principles such as addition and subtraction, multiplication, and division are needed to be successful in this field.

Are you more of an advice type of person? Becoming a therapist could be really helpful for people who might not know how to talk about their problems or whether they need to be directed on a proper path to bounce back in life’s harsh moments. Therapists can provide new perspectives on whatever the issue may be. They can teach communication skills which could help problems be conveyed more effectively, instead of the uncertainty on how to approach it. Going to a therapist can help an individual explore and gather their emotions so they are able to help them cope with it. 

To have a job that doesn’t feel like one can be one of the most accomplished thoughts a person can have about themselves. Going to work satisfies both the revenue side and self satisfaction. Is there something you want to get but don’t want to spend the money on? Doing what you love might build that “treating yourself” aspect and motivates you to work harder and possibly advance in your field. Students nowadays are fortunate to have so many available options because they can choose to study something they’re interested in.