10 Pet-Peeves


Natalia Murawski, Staff Writer

Pet peeves are things that annoy you.  Everyone has pet peeves. You may have common pet peeves or even random ones never heard of before.  Some pet peeves are loud chewing, interrupting others, talking during a movie and much more.

Loud chewing/chewing with your mouth open

Loud chewing and chewing with your mouth open are two common pet peeves. Many people find it annoying and gross. People find chewing with your mouth open gross because no one wants to see what’s inside your mouth. No one wants to see the food mixing together. When people are chewing loudly people can find the sound really annoying and distracting. Chewing with your mouth open can make someone not want to eat their food.

Slow walkers

Everyone is allowed to go at their own pace. Some people may walk really slow while others may walk really fast. However, people get annoyed with slow walkers when they are running late and have to be at a place at a certain time. It can get annoying when you are trying to walk past someone, but you can’t get around them because of a slow walker. It takes longer to get to a place and can cause you to have a bad day.


Some people like interrupting daily. This can get annoying because when a person is talking and another person interrupts them, then the person can forget what they were saying or they might have to start over. When people interrupt it can also mean they are not listening or don’t care what you are saying. Even though some people can’t control it, it can get annoying to many people who are just trying to talk and be listened to.

Tapping a pen

People who are taking a test or stressing out may be tapping with a pen. This can make people annoyed and it can be hard to focus. While people are taking a test and trying to think they may be tapping a pen to get an idea. The person tapping a pen might not even know they are doing it. Taking a test while someone is tapping a pen can take you longer to finish the test and can make you easily distracted.

People who eat from your plate

If you go to a restaurant or even eat at home everyone has their own plate. Some people like taking food from someone’s plate even though they have their own plate of food. People can find this annoying because everyone has their own food and no one wants anyone to touch their food. When someone is hungry they want to eat all their food and if someone takes a piece of their food, then the person can be mad and annoyed.

Staring at someone’s phone

Everyone has their own phone. Their phone is their privacy. Some people like looking at other phones that don’t belong to them. When you do this, you invade a person’s privacy. Not everyone wants people looking at their phones because someone might have their whole life on that phone. People should just keep their eyes to themselves.

Talking during a movie

When a person goes to a cinema or turns on a movie in their home, they want to watch the movie and not talk. There’s some people who can’t sit during a movie without talking. They always put their opinions during the movies being played. Some people even end up ruining the movie because the other person might not hear a certain part of the movie. When someone talks during a movie the other person may never want to watch a movie with that person again.

Smacking your gum

When people are chewing gum they might not even know they could be smacking the gum. When someone smacks their gum it can be an annoying and disgusting sound. It can also be harder to get work done or to concentrate. Smacking your gum can drive people crazy and get them annoyed for the rest of the day. 


Not everyone snores, but some people do. When a person snores it can be hard for others to sleep. They may be tossing and turning or even turning on music and yet they still can’t fall asleep. When going to sleep people want peace and quiet, but if someone snores it isn’t quiet anymore. Snoring causes people not to be rested in the morning and they may end up having a bad day.

Slow Internet

When you’re trying to search for something or do some school work it can get annoying when your internet is slow. It takes longer to do the work with slow internet. If you’re trying to play a game and it disconnects you or makes you lag, that can be annoying. When someone is motivated and they want to get work done and the Internet is slow that can make them unmotivated. This can cause them to not want to do the work for a while.