Artists Back on Tour!


Julie Leon, Staff Writer

We are back on tour! Many artists are now returning to the stage after months of isolation from the Covid-19 pandemic. Before the world shut down, concerts were the most enjoyable event any child, teen, or adult could experience. People go to concerts for many reasons, like to watch their favorite performers, escape the stress of reality, and to generally have a good time. However, over the past two years life has drastically changed due to the dangers of the Coronavirus, causing all tours to come to a stop. Now, certain artists such as Harry Styles and The Jonas Brothers are ecstatic to be back on tour. However, there are many precautions we must take in order to ensure the safety of others. 


The biggest change concerts have gone through are the enforced Covid rules. It is crucial that venues address their mask and vaccination status to ensure there are less people at risk. For example, Madison Square Garden is one of the most popular concert venues in the United States that fits up to 20,000 people. So it is important for guests to keep their masks on at all times to lower the chance of spreading germs.


There are so many popular concert venues in New York, such as Madison Square Garden (MSG), Radio City Music Hall, and Jones Beach Theater. Something they all have in common is to require guests to show proof of a negative Covid test or proof of the Covid-19 vaccination in order to enter the building. Of course you must keep your mask on and try your best to practice social distancing. Even so, these rules may vary according to each artist’s popularity. 


For example, Harry Styles is one of the most popular singers right now and is performing at MSG for his ‘Love On Tour’ concert. Because of his popularity and sold out shows, his concerts require all guests to be vaccinated in order to watch him perform. Likewise, The Jonas Brothers are performing at Jones Beach Theater for their ‘The Remember This Tour,’ and their concert requires all guests to show proof of the vaccination or a negative test. Smaller artists that perform at Jones Beach do not need these requirements because they have a smaller audience. Following these guidelines are crucial, so artists can continue their tour without the worries of the Coronavirus. 


With all these troublesome rules and regulations, it might make you wonder if it was worth bringing back concerts in the first place. While watching a concert, you get to experience the high adrenaline and feeling of excitement from seeing our favorite artists perform. The masks and mandates may be tiresome while trying to sing our favorite songs, but we do it for the safety of others. Though these rules may not change for some time, an audience will still get to experience the joys and uplifts of watching their favorite artist live