Long Island’s Amazing Haunted Houses


Courtesy of unsplash.com

Joseph Rippo, Staff Writer

It is now the middle of October, and Halloween is extremely close. One of the many exciting activities that you can do during this time is visit a haunted house. Here in this article, the top three haunted houses (based on ratings, price, etc.) that you can find on Long Island are listed.


3. Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse

Address – 215 S Country Rd, Bellport, NY 11713

Taking the spot at number three in this list is Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse. This attraction offers both a drive-thru experience as well as a walk-thru experience. The walk-thru experience is titled “Camp Terror,” with an exciting story centered around what used to be Camp Gateway, but is now Camp Terror following the possession of the camp director and all of the staff. It is priced at $25 per person, and proof of vaccination is required. The drive-thru experience is titled “Camper’s Pike,” and it is a thirty-minute story-driven adventure that is a sequel to Camp Terror. It is priced at $54 a vehicle, making it an expensive option if you plan to go alone, but a deal quite worth it if you are planning to go with friends and you can all fit in one vehicle. Additionally, proof of vaccination is not required for Camper’s Pike. Overall, Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse, which has a 4.2 out of 5 rating on Google, seems to be a great option if you are vaccinated, but you are limited to the drive-thru experience if you are not.


2. Bayville Scream Park

Address – 8 Bayville Ave, Bayville, NY 11709

Taking the spot at number two in this list is Bayville Scream Park. This attraction offers six different haunted houses located in a theme park-like setting. Each haunted house is based on a unique story and contains a different overall theme. Tickets can be purchased online in two different bundles, one being the “Three attraction combo,” where you can gain access to Bloodworth Haunted Mansion, Uncle Needle’s Funhouse of Fear in 3D, and Temple of Terror. This is priced at $47.75 normally, but $61.75 for the speed version, allowing you to avoid long lines. The other bundle is titled the “6 Attraction Combo,” in which you gain access to all six haunted houses! This is priced at $54.75 normally, but $72.75 for the speed version. The normal price for the 6 attraction combo comes out to be about $9 per haunted house, which is an awesome deal. Proof of vaccination is not required. The only downside is that each experience is most likely short considering the fact that there are six of them. However, Bayville Scream Park, which has a 4.2 out of 5 rating on Google, still seems to be a great option for a night filled with terror and fun. 


1. Medford Haunted House

Address – 79 Middle Island Blvd, Middle Island, NY 11953

Taking the spot at number one in this list is Medford Haunted House. This attraction offers a walk-thru outdoors experience consisting of many different themes throughout. According to the Medford Haunted House Facebook page, a $10 donation per person upon arrival is recommended, which is extremely cheap considering that many of the reviews say it is a 20-30 minute experience. It is also mentioned that the experience changes drastically on a yearly basis, but there can also be minimal changes almost every day. Medford Haunted House made it first on this list due to its low price and high quality according to those who have experienced it, being that it has a 5.0 rating on Google. Because of the fact that it is mostly an outdoor attraction, vaccination is not required to enter. Additionally, anyone over the age of thirteen is eligible to volunteer and become a part of the attraction. Overall, Medford Haunted House seems like an amazing deal for its price, especially due to its high rating.