This is Us TV Show Review

This is Us TV Show Review

Sarah Quinones, Staff Writer

Here comes the waterworks. An NBC original series entitled,  This is Us will have you on your couch weeping and wiping away the tears. From the creator Dan Fogelman, This is Us is a reminder to all that every family goes through their own hard times. This is Us establishes the character of a mother named Rebecca Pearson played by Mandy Moore, and her husband Jack Pearson played by Milo Ventimiglia, trying to start their lives with three little ones running around.

The plot of the story starts with Rebecca and Jack’s romance, how they met, when they got married and even when they decided to have children. While Rebecca was apprehensive at first, they decided to share the gift of life and in this for case three lives all at once. The writers of this story really demonstrated the struggles that every married couple goes through while they have three babies on the way. Instead of showing a cliche cookie-cutter romance, this couple has fights, argues, and even spends time apart from each other several times. Unfortunately, when it was time for her to go into labor, they discovered one of their children has died in the womb. In a last effort to uplift his wife’s spirits, Jack decided to adopt a child who didn’t really fit into the family. He decided to adopt a colored boy named Randall, while Jack noticed his two light skinned newborns laid right next to him in the hospital nursery, Jack new they were meant to be. Thus, officially, the Pearson family was born.

Starting with Kevin, and Kate Pearson, also known as the twins. With Kevin being the first born of the two, he grew up singling out  Randall for being colored. Of course it’s childish but Kevin, every time he was upset with Randall, brought up the fact that Randall wasn’t fully part of the family. This is a behavior that Rebecca absolutely detested, this led Kevin to believe that his mother was playing favorites with Randall, which wasn’t true. However, Kevin did grow up to be a handsome tv show actor with a hit tv show called the ‘Manny’, which he ultimately ended up leaving due to unfair treatment. His story follows his life after the ‘Manny’ and how he’s dealing with just being a “normal” person. Kate being the heaviest of her siblings struggled with her weight for her entire life. She feels as though the world can’t accept her due to her obesity and that every where she goes all of the skinny girls around her are judging her. Not only that but she grew up being jealous of her mother due to her tiny waist and powerful vocals. Her story continues with her accepting the fact that her fiance loves her for the way she is and that just because you are a bigger size doesn’t mean the whole world needs to judge you.

Randall, the black sheep of the family, never felt fully accepted by his siblings. This could have been because he had severe anxiety that was brought up from not knowing who his biological parents were. While he grew up to be a successful weather trader with a wife and two beautiful kids, he can’t help but feel left out during family functions and kept out of the loop of things due to his siblings.

Season one ends, with a bar fight between Jack and a Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend who he believes is flirting with her. They end up taking some time apart and gather their feelings and how hard they are willing to fight for their marriage.  However, season two starts with the discovery of Jack’s alcoholism and how long that he has suppressed it for. We also discover how he passed away, which once again sparks the waterworks.

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