Lindenhurst in Comparison to my Home District

Lindenhurst in Comparison to my Home District

Jack Hughes, Staff Writer

Starting at the very beginning of this school year, I transferred from Mount Sinai High School to our school, Lindenhurst High School. I found that there are a small handful of similarities between these two districts, but more importantly, there are a variety of noticeable differences.

The main difference I have noticed is the overall vibe the schools give off. Mount Sinai never really felt like the place I belonged. The students I had known for so long just weren’t the type of people that I find easy to develop friendships with. It felt very sheltered as well, and surreal in a negative way. I had some really difficult challenges socially and academically during my time attending the school.

On the contrary, Lindenhurst feels more like home to me. I feel like I belong here, and one of the main factors that contribute to this is the friendliness of my teachers and the students alike. My teachers are very welcoming and supportive of my move. The students are very sweet and easy to get along with.

Another noticeable difference I found between the two schools is that there is less of a variety of people at Mount Sinai. Everyone in my old district followed a basic trend and nobody was different than the person right next to them. At Lindenhurst, I see many different people who have different interests, come from different parts of the world, and have different styles when it comes to fashion, art, etc. This is a very interesting and important aspect of a school.

The final main difference is the lack of extracurricular activities at Mount Sinai. At Mount Sinai, there were some things to do like sports and chess, but there really wasn’t much else to do. At Lindenhurst, I find that there is so much to do outside of school hours that caters to many different people with different interests.