Should Elementary Schools Still Teach Handwriting?

Emilie Smith, Staff Writer

Since most people only write on computers, should elementary schools still teach handwriting?

Elementary schools are still teaching kids proper handwriting and how to properly hold a writing utensil. Although this is a thing everyone should know and learn, it is not as important as other things. Elementary schools teach script, but not as much as they used to. Script is definitely not necessary. Most people younger than 20 don’t know how to write in script, at least properly. You can take classes in college or high school to help you with your handwriting and teach you new and different ways of writing. Learning how to write in elementary is not necessary because everyone uses electronics to write stuff down. Instead of writing with pen and paper, kids should learn how to type, and how to type well. The same as writing classes, there are typing classes that you can take in later years of education. This is why schools should not teach handwriting anymore, and start teaching typing instead.