Do You Agree Regents Should Be Cancelled?


Giuliana Barberio, Staff Writer

The uptick of Covid-19 cases have caused a disturbance in schools across the state of New York. On December 21, 2021, the New York Board of Regents announced that the decision to cancel the January regents has been approved. Information on whether or not the board will decide on cancelling the June and August regents as well has not yet been disclosed. It could take a few months until the announcement is let out because it is so far ahead in the school year.

Lindenhurst High School student Brooke Elliott said “I am not opposed to The Board of Regents canceling the January regents, because due to the uptick in Covid cases as of late, I don’t believe that there has been any adequate schooling and preparation.”

Many students have been quarantined for different reasons, like testing positive or being in close contact with someone who has. Some have even experienced this process numerous times. A majority of students are being quarantined close to midterm week, having to review all their subjects from home. That could be stressful since it might not feel like they are retaining enough information virtually. An anonymous source said, “Being in and out of school caused me to fall behind and not get a full understanding of certain lessons and material.”

When it comes time to taking any test, midterm, final, or Regents, students who feel they’re falling behind will not be able to succeed. Lindenhurst High School student, Adam Niedzwiecki, mentioned that it wouldn’t be fair if someone was forced to take a test they don’t feel well enough prepared for, meaning they have a bigger disadvantage than their peers.

When June and August comes to a near, we would hope that The Board of Regents continue to cancel all the regents for the school year of 2021-2022. As soon as the number of Covid-19 cases diminish, students will be more prepared, and present, to take the regents next year.