Struggles of being a High School Student


Giuliana Barberio, Staff Writer

Many teens can relate to experiencing ups and down throughout their school year. Some moments will feel great, you’re capable of concentrating in a classroom, and even starting to prepare for your future. Other times, you feel as though you are struggling to maintain your grades, you’re falling behind in your classes, or just losing all motivation for school. 

You are not alone.

A majority of students struggle with maintaining their schoolwork, grades, and even sports or clubs, within the nine months students attend school. School can be a place of stress, anxiety, and hard work. However, high school can also be a place where students are able to find their interests, hobbies, new friendships, and even what they could potentially pursue as a career.

Some students can get overloaded with homework; it can pile up fast. Late nights of studying, and trying to get all assignments handed in on time can interfere with sleep or down time. The average teenager should be getting eight to ten hours of sleep each night. But with an exam the next day, and you’re trying to squeeze in some extra studying the night before, you could be looking at four to six. It’s important to manage your time accordingly so students aren’t stuck with doing all their homework, projects, or studying in just one night. This could lead to heavy stress and burnout, which creates a struggling student in the long run.

The again, numerous students find themselves excelling in their subjects, especially the subjects they find to be the most interesting. Electives are a great imperative for finding what you like to do. For instance, you can take anything from Psychology and Crime and Law, Journalism and Art, and even Sports Marketing. There are endless elective choices, where you can find out new things about yourself; what you are successful with and what you enjoy doing.

It’s definitely hard for students to keep their motivation for school, or find it to be unnecessary  at times. But it’s worth watching yourself grow and excel as a student.