The Ultimate Summer Soundtrack


Lara Sinkus and Emilie Smith

     Summer is right around the corner, and who cannot make it through the summer without some good tunes? Well, fear not, we are here to supply you with songs that we believe give off the perfect summer sensation!



“Ain’t It Fun” by Paramore

     “Ain’t It Fun,” by Paramore, released in 2013, on their self-titled album, Paramore, gives off exquisite summer vibes. It gives the feeling of driving in the car with the windows down singing with your friends. Right when the beat drops and band member Hayley Williams sings “Ain’t it fun, livin’ in the real world,” you have to sing along. Besides, the song itself is about living your own life to the fullest potential you can without the distraction of others! 


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“Can I Call You Tonight?” by Dayglow

     “Can I Call You Tonight” by Dayglow, released in 2013, on their album  Fuzzybrain, is an ideal song for the summer. The song relays the feeling of a moment where you are hanging out with your friends laying down in your room after a nice long summer day, and the song comes on and you all sing along happily in unison. When the chorus drops and the lyrics, “So can I call you tonight?” are sung, the beat drops and a smile instantly appears on your face. The song is about having a crush on someone, along with the exciting feeling that comes along with it. Sitting in your room with your friends after an exciting summer day can reciprocate such a similar feeling!


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“My Kind of Women” by Mac Demarco

     “My Kind of Women” by Mac Demarco, released in 2012, on his album 2, is a great song for the summer. This song visualizes the scenery of watching the sunset while laying on the sand at the beach. When Demarco sings, “You’re my, my, my, my kind of woman…,” it brings a feeling of comfort and relaxation, as the song has a calming aesthetic through its beat and rhythm. The song is about that satisfaction of finding someone who grabs the attention of your heart and makes you feel all warm and comfy inside. That is exactly how the pictured scenery and the vibe of this song together create an equivalent, wonderful feeling!


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“Are You Bored Yet?” by The Wallows, ft. Clairo

     “Are You Bored Yet?” by The Wallows and starring Clairo, released in 2019, on their album Nothing Happens, is a splendid song for the summer. The perfect scenery this song portrays would be running through the woods with your friends. Minette and Clairo sing, “‘Cause we could stay at home and watch the sunset…,” which is the beginning of the catchy chorus that you absolutely have to sing along to. The beat and rhythm of the song is perfect for the summer! 


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“I’m So Bored” by Sarah and the Sundays

     “I’m So Bored” by Sarah and the Sundays is a perfect song for the summer. The band Sarah and the Sundays are five roommates that like to have fun and make music. In this song, they sing about being bored, hence the name. Since the song was released during the pandemic, and one of the lyrics is, “I wanna go outside again…,” this song could easily relate to being stuck in the house with nothing to do while they were stuck at home. Now that we are not stuck inside anymore, this song is great to sing along to. This song is for the days when you are just relaxing in your room on a nice summer day. “Im So Bored” is an absolutely amazing summer song!


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“Come Around” by Peter McPoland

     “Come Around” by Peter McPoland was released earlier this year on February 25. In this upbeat song, with an awesome instrumental, he talks about how in love he is with this girl, and he will wait for her to come around. This is a very happy song. He knows this girl is in love with him, and he feels very happy and cheerful. “Come Around” is a great song to sing in the car on a nice summer day.


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“Kyoto” by Phoebe Bridgers

     “Kyoto” by Phoebe Bridgers is a fantastic summer song. She sings about her experience in a city in Japan called Kyoto. She went on tour in Japan, and from this song it is shown that she had a great time. Though she says she felt like she had “imposter syndrome,” which felt like she was living someone else’s life. Therefore, Phoebe changed the song from a sad ballad to what the song has become now. “Kyoto” is a fun song to sing, as it is unlike her other music, and a great song for summer.


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“Ibuprofen” by Bears in Trees

     “Ibuprofen” by Bears in Trees is another awesome song for the summer. Bears in Trees is a folk punk band from England. They are four guys who love making music together. In the song “Ibuprofen,” one of the guys is singing about how he does not favor himself and feels  unlovable, but then, he sings, “but they love me so dearly I must just be wrong.” So, this song really exclaims how great it is to have good friends that make you feel good about yourself. This is a really good song to sing with your friends in the summer.


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