Driving: Fun or Fatal? It’s Up to You

Jake Kessinger, Treasurer

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A car accident can be described as an overload of emotions  you cannot fully fathom until you’ve experienced it for yourself. Blindness caused by anger, a lump in your throat, and uncontrollable laughter are just a few things I experienced when in my first car accident. Many students in high school are finally coming to the age where they can drive. Getting your full license in high school is a very challenging and painstaking ordeal. Going through driver’s ed, taking lessons, and passing the driving test all on your own free time that you barely have. Achieving your full license and being able to drive to school is a huge privilege for any student in high school.

With the overwhelmingly large number of high school students being able to drive, some people may be concerned for their own safety. However, teenagers are not the only high risk drivers on the road. A considerably large amount of accidents on the road are also caused by elderly people. Many elderly people who have their licenses have had them for a long time and within this time period new laws and precautions have been put into place. These laws and precautions however are not tested or directly informed to these drivers who already have their licenses. The roads are dangerous place for everyone due to the fact of careless drivers no matter what age.

An alumni student from Lindenhurst High School Kelsie Lopez stated “I feel many high school students are high risk drivers, but the blame can’t be put on any teenager in an accident.” Ms. Lopez’s statement is entirely true because knowing the law doesn’t mean having a full understanding of the law. If a driver doesn’t fully understand a law and the reason it is in place then this means there is more of a chance for error. For example, many people know that you are supposed to slow down when you see a yellow light, but oppositely most people speed up. This is incredibly risky because not only can you easily get a red light ticket with all of the cameras that are around today, you can additionally cause an accident. Many people sitting at a red light are anticipating the green and will step on the gas almost immediately and if your car is speeding to make the light there is a very high probability for a disaster.

License or not, all drivers should read up on the rules of the road and fully understand them. According to DMV.org “Car insurance discounts are often provided to drivers who take active steps to improve their driving skills and safe driving behaviors, because safer driving means fewer claims. Young drivers can often save money by completing an approved driver training (or driver’s education) course, while older drivers are often offered a discount for defensive driving training.”  These courses help you anticipate other drivers’ mistakes before getting behind the wheel.  YOu may not only save a few dollars on your car insurance, but you may also save your own life or even the lives of those around you.