Gift Ideas for Christmas

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Gift Ideas for Christmas

Gianna Adragna, Staff Writer

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Finding Christmas gifts can be hard when you don’t know what the person would want. It is even harder when the person wants you to surprise them. If you’re having trouble, here are a few options for a simple Christmas gift for someone.


An Amazon/Visa gift card

If they want to buy something online, they can get it with the gift card you gave them as a gift. It isn’t all that expensive depending on how much money is on the card. This is a great gift to give to someone during the holidays.


Food Gift Card

If you know what the person’s favorite restaurant or fast food place,  then a gift card will be much appreciated. If you don’t know what their favorite place to eat is, you can always get them a Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks gift card for whenever they are in the mood for a drink or a snack.


Holiday Basket

A holiday basket maybe a basic gift, but if you’re a creative person, you can always create one for a friend! Adding Christmas movies, candy, and other sweets in the bag is sure to light up the person’s day. If they aren’t a big fan of candy and Christmas movies, you can always get them a holiday basket at a store they shop at a lot or like a lot.


Facial Products

We all have a friend or family member who likes things like face mask, clay mask, and more. So facial products are always a good idea for that type of person. It is relaxing and can help your skin. Face masks are easy to get, just be sure you know if the person has sensitive skin or not before buying the product.



Makeup is always a cute gift idea for anyone who wears makeup. You don’t need to get them a huge palette; you can always get a simple thing to put in their stocking like lipstick or a makeup brush set. They will appreciate it if they like using makeup a lot.


Posters are always a cute gift idea. If the person has a favorite show, movie, etc, then get them a poster of it. Even if they don’t have a favorite movie or show, it is always cute to make a custom poster of pictures of you and the person. They are easy to buy online or in a store that could possibly sell the poster.



Some friends or family members love reading certain books so, a book they will like wouldn’t hurt. It is always good to ask what genre of book the person likes so it is easier to choose what book to buy instead of guessing. This gift is definitely good for the people who like to read.



If you know their size in shirts, pants, or shoes, get the person some clothes. If you don’t know their size, be sure to ask them if they are a small, medium or, large, so you don’t get something too large or too small for the person. If you don’t know what piece of clothing they like, ask them. It is better to give the person a gift they will like and feel comfortable in.


Electronic Related Items

Electronic related items do not have to be a phone, tablet, etc. It can simply be a phone case or charger. If you know that one friend or family member that is always breaking their phone somehow, an Otterbox phone case may be the best gift for them. If you have the one friend or family member that is always breaking their charger, maybe a cable wrapper could be helpful to them.



If the person you want to give a gift to don’t like much of anything here on the list, jewelry is always an option. Watches, necklaces, rings, etc are a good safe option. Here are some ideas of what you could get them: A necklace with their birthstone,  a wave ring, a ring/necklace with a date that is important to the person, and more that you can find on a site. Some jewelry websites are listed below.