The Trump Administration Responds to Criticism Regarding Use of Tear Gas on Children and Families at the Border

Jenna Johnson, Editor

With such shocking, gruesome and gripping images of families being tear-gassed by the border, many Americans are infuriated at seeing such horrible treatment of human beings, at the hands of the US government. At the end of November, a group of migrants of which included many young children and women was tear gassed at the Mexico border. These actions have caused Americans to question the authority of both President Donald Trump and the border patrol agents at the Mexican border.

With the recent advent of a migrant caravan consisting of 7500 individuals from countries such as Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, border patrol has been on high alert. US Customs and Border Protection defended their actions saying that their personnel had been assaulted with stones by the migrants, forcing them to take action with tear gas and pepper spray balls. ( In response to the huge backlash stemming from the recent events, Trump responded at a recent event in Mississippi saying, “Here’s the bottom line: Nobody’s coming into our country unless they come in legally.”

Here’s the bottom line: Nobody’s coming into our country unless they come in legally” (”

— President Donald Trump

He also claimed that the tear gas utilized by border agents only caused minor irritation and was very safe.   This response was met with even more criticism as many journalists who were on the scene of the border, disputed such claims as they were firsthand to the events. In contrast, these journalists claim that the tear gas caused intense pain and irritation. The foreign ministry of Mexico seeks to initiate a full investigation of the use of such weapons, which are non-lethal. Although the majority of the migrants were men, recent surveys have found that over 900 children had arrived at the Mexico border as well. As the situation escalates, Americans look on anxiously while questioning the ethics of the president and the US Customs and Border Protection.