Teachers’ Pets

We all have one thing in common. We are all pet lovers, even teachers! Dogs, cats, hamsters, bunnies, even fish! Pets are great companions and I am sure pet owners can agree with this, pets become a big part of the family. Many pet owners have funny or cute stories about their pets. Let’s introduce you to some teachers’ pets.

Meet Ms.Kollarik’s dog, Henry!
Meet Mr. DiTomasso’s dog, Daisy!
Meet Mrs. Gentile’s cat, Jelly Bean!
Meet Mrs. Tand’s dogs, Hobbs & Corduroy!
Meet Ms. Lipari’s dog, Brooklyn!
Meet Mr. Tighe’s dogs, Carmela & Dutch!
Meet Mr. Smith’s dog, Jade!
Meet Mr. Cullen’s dog and cats, Boone, Sergeant Tibbs, & Figero!
Meet Mrs. Mackiewicz’s dogs, Lola & Buckley!
Meet Mrs. Heaney’s dog, Brewster!
Meet Ms. Floresta’s dog, Joey!
Meet Mr. Ferrara’s cat, Bacon!
Meet Ms. Ricciardi’s dog, Trixie!
Meet Ms. Kannavos’s dog, Rocky!
Meet Mrs. Lederer’s dog, Leddie!
Meet Ms. Bottachiari’s dog, Jager!
Meet Ms. Cuozzo’s pets, Princess Smudge, Bambi & Pumpkin!
Meet Mrs. Partridge’s cats, Scout, Marlena, & Grayson!
Meet Ms. Salitsky’s dog, Sasha!
Meet Mrs. Vona’s dog, Coco!
Pleased to meet Pepperoni!
Meet Mrs. Kelly’s Dog – Soi!
Meet Ms. Berry’s Puppies!
Ms. Wolters-Lennon’s Dog Sheldon
Meet Ms. St. Germain’s dog, Reese!
Meet the McGuire’s Pups!