Zodiac of the month: Libra


Madison Trumino, Staff Writer

Hello fellow zodiac fans! Need a dose of reality or some reassurance? Well there’s no better way to curve your appetite for guidance then reading your horoscope. This month we are focused on Libras. Their better known alias being the scales, Libras are our intelligent, truthful friends who are always honest and fair. Not sure if you’re a Libra? Do you know you’re a Libra but you’re just not sure what that entails? Well no need to stress Libra sit back and enjoy reading about your nature. 


Dates of a Libra: September 23-October 22


Alias: The Scales


Element: Air 


Ruling Planet: Venus 


Libra Characteristics: Libras are charming people who know how to appreciate life. They are naturally kind for they are even-tempered and diplomatic. Libras are extremely empathetic and can always lend an understanding ear for friends in need. Libras hate conflict and their ultimate goal is to achieve peace. They are able to achieve this harmony due to the fact that they are very understanding of everyone’s view points. Libras are very popular at family gatherings due to the fact that they make every family member feel welcome and understood. They are great at mediating family issues as well. Libras are the perfect team player and, when matched with the right partner, can be unstoppable!


Libra in love: Libras are in love with love! They fall in love very easily and are quick to get swept off their feet. Libras can fall in love too often which often leads to disappointment and delusion. If you’re a Libra in love, it would be helpful to look at potential partners in a more practical way. Don’t get swept up by outward appearances and get to know the person first. After evaluating traits, and interests then decide whether to fall head over heels. 

Libra in the workplace: Libras are great co workers, and are popular among bosses, and sub coordinates. Libras do not work well in chaotic or conflictive work environments. Libras are most relaxed and work best in creative work environments where their diplomatic talent can shine through. Introverted Libras can often work best on their own yet still immensely benefit their overall environment.