Fun at the Smorgasburg Festival!

Attending Smorgasburg may put you in a food coma, but it is definitely an experience you will never forget!

Courtesy of G. Valela

Gianna Valela, Staff Writer

Hungry for something yummy but not sure of what will fill that tummy?  Problem solved! Take a train ride over to the Big Apple, where you will be sure to satisfy any of your wildest cravings by attending the Smorgasburg festival! 

Smorgasburg is an annual food flea market that features up to 100 food vendors.  Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday New York City’s best food trucks, restaurants, and chefs come together and prepare their best “on the go” street food for the crowd of famished faces.  The festival begins in April and ends in November, so you better hurry on over while it’s still happening! The festival is held at various locations in New York City: On Fridays, you can find the vendors lined up at the World Trade Center from 11am-7pm, Saturdays in East River State Park from 11am-6pm, and Sundays in Prospect Park from 11am-6pm.

Alright, now it’s time to answer the question that’s been on your mind since you started reading this article: “What vendors will be at Smorgasburg?”  Some of the all time fan favorite vendors include Big Mozz (yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: giant fried mozzarella sticks), The Pizza Cupcake (also exactly what it sounds like: a pizza in the shape of a cupcake), and 10Below – a Thai rolled ice cream vendor that incorporates numerous toppings into their ice cream to create the craziest of flavors.  Of course, there are about 90 more vendors that line up to sell their food, but if I listed them all you might just get frustrated realizing that you have to wait until the weekend to attend Smorgasburg! (Check out the link below that lists some of the most popular Smorgasburg vendors!)

Many cultures are represented through the food sold at Smorgasburg.  You can get Portuguese sandwiches from Gourmet by Nuno, Dumplings and bubble tea from Yumpling, or Poutine from Flying V Poutine!  With that being said, even your wildest cravings can be fulfilled just by attending the Smorgasburg festival.

At this point, your mouth is definitely watering – or at least it should be.  What’s not to love about greasy street food?  

Don’t worry – one cheat day won’t kill you!

Attending Smorgasburg may put you in a food coma, but it is definitely an experience you will never forget if you check it out!