Zodiac of the month: Scorpio


Madison Trumino, Staff Writer

Hello fellow zodiac fans! Need a dose of reality or some reassurance? Well, there’s no better way to curve your appetite for guidance then reading your horoscope. This month we are focused on Scorpios! Their better known alias is The Scorpion and rightfully so considering Scorpios are intense and stand out among peers. They have magnetic personalities, yet beware, Scorpio because you can often be volatile and unpredictable. Want to know more about the inner workings of a Scorpio? Then keep reading to find out who you truly are Scorpio!


Dates of a Libra: October 23-November 21


Alias: The Scorpion


Element: Water


Ruling Planet: Pluto and Mars


Scorpio Characteristics: Scorpio, you are certainly like no other horoscope. You experience deep passion for things and much like a scorpion you have sharp powers of defense and will lash out if needed. Scorpios are much like the Phoenix because they often get overtaken by emotions and can burn themselves down as fast as they can rise from the ashes. They have very keen intuition and imagination and often times can let unrealistic thoughts lead to jealousy. They must constantly remind themselves all they have to offer to combat this quality. They are great family members in the fact that they have a strong and lasting commitment to family, as well as friends. They get back on track quickly with family they haven’t seen in a long time as if no time has passed. Scorpios are strong and independent, which eventually make them excellent parents. As siblings they are the perfect confidantes for they are great secret keepers. 


Scorpio in love: Winning over a Scorpio’s heart is often a hard feat, yet once you conquer their love you are a partner for life. This sign loves passionately and once they are wronged it is nearly impossible to win them back. They are very affectionate partners and keep the fire going in a relationship. Scorpios are filled with passion and excitement when it comes to their love life. 


Scorpio in the workplace:  Scoripos can certainly not be deterred from achieving their goals when it comes to their career and making money. They work extremely hard at achieving their perfect financial status and are diligent when sticking to a budget. They have strong management skills and are very frivolous. They are great at managing projects both big and small!