How to relieve stress this holiday season

Courtesy of G. Valela

Gianna Valela, Staff Writer

The holidays can bring about quite a bit of stress. You’re trying to think of what gifts your loved ones would like while completing your pounds of homework and studying for all the tests that teachers like to cram in the last few days before Christmas break begins. You are probably really tense and need some time to unwind. Here’s a few fun activities that you can engage in order to alleviate some of the stress you may be feeling leading up to the holidays!

Have an at home spa day

Having an at home spa day is a great way to pamper yourself and relax without spending money. Run a bath, put on a face mask, light a candle and read a book or simply close your eyes and enjoy the moment. 

Decorate your bedroom

Decorating your bedroom for the holidays is extremely fun, even if you do it by yourself while jamming out to Christmas music. So put on a Christmas playlist, decorate your mini tree with ornaments, and string Christmas lights along the walls of your bedroom. 

Bake some cookies

Baking is an activity that is actually quite comforting. You can choose to make homemade cookie dough or even just buy the premade rolls of dough. The holiday themed Pillsbury sugar cookies are always delicious during the holiday season. Put on a Christmas playlist while you’re baking and allow yourself to relax while your house floods with the scent of your favorite cookies.

Watch your favorite Christmas movie

This activity is probably a given, but it is definitely one that helps to relieve some stress. Even just having your favorite Christmas movie play in the background while you clean up around the house, online shop or do some homework can automatically put you in a much better mood and make you feel motivated to finish all of the tasks that you need to complete.

Play a board game

 Playing a board game is always fun, whether you play with your family, friends, or both. Board games allow for an escape from reality, which can really help you to unwind and let loose during the busy month.


Exercising for any amount of time can be beneficial in times of stress. For many people, exercising is therapeutic. Exercising helps to clear the mind, ultimately enabling you to feel a lot more relaxed and worry free. So go for a jog or hit the gym, you will feel great by the time your workout is complete.

Take a trip to the beach and watch the sunrise or sunset

Truthfully nothing beats watching a beautiful multicolored sunrise or sunset. You feel your worries fall out of existence as you are mesmerized by the bleeding colors of the sunrise (or sunset), and by the time the sun has risen (or set) you feel completely and utterly relaxed.