Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Courtesy of M. Trumino

Gianna Valela and Madison Trumino

It’s that time of the year again, where cupid graces us with his arrows of love and red hearts are strung from every ceiling and doorknob. This wonderful holiday that is approaching us is Valentines day! If you are single, it’s probably not your favorite day of the year, but for all the love birds in the world, keep reading for sweet and simple ideas to show how much you adore your significant other this Valentine’s Day!


Chocolates: The classic valentines day treat for your man is a heartfelt box of chocolates. They are the easiest and yummiest gifts to give your boyfriend or husband for they are found in every grocery store and have a plethora of sizes. From brands like Godiva, Lindor, and Ghirardelli you can not go wrong! You can get rectangular boxes, ovular ones, and the most romantic: the heart shaped box. It’s a delicious treat to show your man that you love him this Valentine’s Day. 

Cologne: When you and your man are snuggling up this valentines day you want him to smell as ambrosial as cupid himself! For this sweet holiday treat your boy to a fragrant bottle of cologne. They typically price on the more expensive side if you want indulge him in colognes such as Versace and Gucci. Yet you can find incredible scents for a cheaper price at Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, and department stores like Kohl’s. 

Valentine’s themed boxers: A tongue and cheek gift you can bestow upon your loved one on this day is a pair or two of valentine’s day themed boxers! There is an endless variety of choices such a boxers with hearts on them, red and pink smooches, and X’s and O’s. They are a silly gift that will make your man laugh and be useful for not only the holiday but anytime he needs a spare pair of boxer briefs! You can get them at Target, American Eagle or Amazon!

Personalized picture: A touching gift that will melt your man’s heart is a personalized picture of the two of you. Find your favorite picture, candid or posed, and place it in a decorative or engraved frame. Or you can take it a step further and make a scrapbook with all your favorite pictures of you and your beau. You can buy a scrapbook at Michael’s and make it yourself or use a service such a Shutterfly. 


Flowers: Every girl loves receiving flowers – especially on Valentine’s day. It’s a small gift but it is guaranteed to put a big smile on your girl’s face. Flowers are a great gift idea for letting your special someone know you are thinking about them. Flowers can be bought at your nearest grocery store, or you can even order them online if you are looking to have them be delivered as a sweet surprise during the day.

Chocolates: Valentine’s Day is basically known as a day for eating chocolates, so what better gift to get your loved one than a box of chocolates? There are always so many cute heart-shaped candy boxes filled with various different types of yummy chocolates – Godiva, Hershey and Russel Stover are just a few of the best chocolate brands. If your significant other isn’t big on chocolate, try and search for a Valentine’s themed box of her favorite candy. You can find assorted chocolate (or candy) sets at Rite Aid, Target, and even the dollar store.

Jewelry: Jewelry is a very sentimental and thoughtful gift. You can never go wrong with a dainty piece of jewelry. Necklaces, earrings and rings are all great options to let your girl know that you are thinking about her. There are many affordable yet high quality jewelry brands, such as Pandora, BaubleBar, and Mejuri. Check out their websites to determine which piece of jewelry will best suit your girl.

Dinner reservations: Surprising your girl with a dinner reservation is a great way to let her know that you put thought into this year’s Valentine’s Day plans. A dinner reservation is definitely something you would want to book in advance because restaurants tend to fill up quite quickly with reservations for this special occasion. Even if you can’t afford to reserve a table at a fancy restaurant, taking your date out to dinner anywhere on Valentine’s Day is very much appreciated.

Teddy bear: Girls are suckers for stuffed animals, especially a cute Valentine’s themed teddy bear. There are so many cute options when it comes to picking out a teddy bear. In fact, some teddy bears are even supplied with a box of chocolates! You can find teddy bears – or any Valentine’s themed stuffed animal – at Rite Aid, Target, and even the Dollar Store.