How to Stay Busy During the Quarantine

How to Stay Busy During the Quarantine

Gianna Valela, Staff Writer

It is safe to say that being locked indoors is not necessarily fun. However, given the circumstances, it is crucial that we remain inside to protect ourselves and others! But that doesn’t mean that we can’t find fun activities to do within the comfort of our own homes. If you’re stressed out from all of your online homework assignments or bored out of your mind, keep on reading to see how you can keep yourself occupied during the quarantine. And just a little reminder: good can always be found in the bad. This list is designed to help you discover some good during this difficult time period.

Do a puzzle: Puzzles are extremely entertaining. Once you start, you just can’t stop. It’s very easy to spend hours doing a single puzzle, so with that being said,you can finish the puzzle over the span of a few days, or, if you become super addicted and just can’t stop, you can do it all in one day!

Journal your thoughts: Writing down your thoughts is a great way to clear your mind. There is a great sense of relief after jotting down any ideas or emotions that are flooding your mind. You can write whenever you please, but most people tend to journal in the morning after they wake up, or right before they head to bed.

Read a book: This is probably an obvious one, but you can really get into reading when it’s not a school requirement! There are numerous genres of books – romance, fantasy, mystery, thriller, fiction, non-fiction, science fiction. The list can go on and on. Once you find a genre you like, reading may very easily become one of your new favorite pastimes. It’s basically an escape from reality – something many of us will enjoy during this time period.

Meditate: Meditating is not for everyone, but what better time to try than the present? If you’re feeling extra stressed, take some time – even if it’s just a few minutes – to sit and meditate. If you’re not sure of where to begin, there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube that can guide you through the process. 

Exercise: Sure, the gyms may be closed, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t workout from home! Exercising is a great way to relieve stress and it can also help to cure boredom in a healthy manner. Workout videos are plastered all over Youtube, so feel free to search around until you find one you like. Even a quick 10 minute workout can help get you out of a slump!

Spring Cleaning: This is the perfect time to sort through your closet and donate clothes you no longer wear, sweep the floors and dust down every surface. Open your windows, listen to music (or a podcast), and get cleaning!

Rearrange Your Bedroom: This one goes hand in hand with spring cleaning. After you have cleaned every crevice, go ahead and rearrange the setup! A lot of people tend to do this when boredom strikes, but it’s actually a great idea because a new setup can bring motivation and enable productivity.

Spa Day: An at home spa day is always a good idea. Take a nice warm bath, light a candle, put on your favorite face mask, read a book/watch your favorite movie/television show, and just relax.

Color: Adult coloring books have been a big hit lately. You don’t need to have the fanciest art supplies to have fun with coloring. Just enjoy it; it’s extremely relaxing.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt: This is a fun activity you can do with all of your family members. Split up into two teams and see which team can collect all of the items/complete all of the tasks first. It’s a great idea for a family game night.

Make a TikTok: TikTok is quite obviously the newest trend, so grab your family members, learn one of the dances together and post it. You never know, you may end up going viral and becoming TikTok famous.

Watch a Documentary: If you’re tired of binge watching your favorite show or don’t feel like watching a movie, putting on a documentary is always a good idea. Documentaries are technically a source of learning, as they are informational based. So go ahead and search under your favorite genre for documentaries that spark your interest!

Get Ready for the Day: This is a small task you can do to help boost your mood if you’re feeling a little down. Staying in your pajamas all day every day sounds like a great idea, but it can tend to make you feel quite useless. Getting dressed, doing your hair, and even putting on makeup can help you to feel ready to conquer the day’s tasks, even if you will be doing so from home. It doesn’t sound like it’ll do much, but getting yourself together can help you to be much more productive during this time period.