What I Did During Quarantine….

Emma Magnuson, Staff Writer

People all over the country have been stuck at home in quarantine for a little over a month. 

With some people still working, like delivering food or working at the grocery store along with first responders like police, doctors and firemen. 

Food delivery is actually a great way for restaurants to maintain their business during this tough time where people are unable to go and get the food themselves.  Additionally, supporting local businesses is very important.

Others, who are able to, are working from the comfort of their home on a computer. This idea extends to students who have school work nearly everyday on the internet.  However, for the people who have nothing to do, this could be a time of great boredom which could lead to sadness.

There are endless things someone can do during isolation. Some of which include: doing a puzzle, baking or cooking something new, cleaning, painting or even trying out a new hairstyle. Use this time to try something new and exciting to get rid of the feeling of boredom. 

An important thing to remember during all of this is to go outside and enjoy our beautiful environment.  This could be very simple, a daily walk or jog or even a drive down to the beach can make someone’s day much more exciting. However, it’s important to remember all the precautions to take when going into the public. 

People must remember to maintain a six feet distance between each other. In addition, masks should be worn when in a public place.

The things that I have been doing during quarantine mainly focus around school work and studying for important tests like AP Exams.  Along with schoolwork, I have been going on thirty minute runs with my dog, then I work out. It’s important to stay in shape during all of this as opposed to just staying inside all day everyday.

To keep myself entertained, I am baking all sorts of things. Some of which include banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies and brownies.  I have also grown closer to my family; especially my sister. She is three years younger than me and now we’re closer than we’ve ever been. My family and I have been having movie nights and playing board games.

Finally, my sister and I have been driving to the docks or the beach to watch beautiful sunsets. Watching the sunset makes me feel not so isolated and reminds me that quarantine is for the greater good of our country.

Although this is a hard time for most, we must remember that this will all be over soon and that we will all get through this together… but isolated.