Zodiac of the Month: Leo


Madison Trumino, Staff Writer

Hello, fellow zodiac fans! I would like to apologize for getting this up late but times have been crazy! So do you still need a dose of reality or some reassurance? Well, there’s no better way to curb your appetite for guidance than reading your horoscope. This month we are focused on Leo!

Dates of Leo : July 22nd – August 22nd

Alias: The Lion

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Sun

Leo Characteristics: As one of the most creative and ambition signs, Leo has plenty to worry about! The Lions considerable talents help them to succeed in nearly any endeavor they said their minds to. Leo’s love to be the center of attention, and they often are because they are so enthusiastic, courageous, loyal, and generous. Because the lion is the king of the jungle, Leo’s often think of themselves as the king or queen of the universe! But they need to learn to tame their pride and to be less concerned about appearances. Leo’s love to give without asking first. That’s because they always assume their gift is truly needed as a natural born leader, Leo can become a great inspiration for others. Fiercely loyal and protective of loved ones the lien is probably devoted to each and every member of his family. The sign is often the leader when it comes to family matters. Strong and loving and regal this person is always conscious of making everyone proud. 

Leo in love: Leo is also the king or a queen when it comes to romance, often lavishing a lover with gifts of flowers, candy, home-cooked meals, or whatever appeals most to the object of the Leo’s affection. If a Leo is in love, there’s no doubt about it because Leo’s will more often than not wear their heart on their sleeve. And when you’re loved by a Leo, you can rest assured that they will always be there to defend your honor and trumpet your achievements.

Leo in the workplace: Anyone who competes with a Leo in the workplace had better get out of the way because Leo’s are very competitive and they plan to win. Very driven and very smart, Leo is always on the lookout for opportunities to get ahead. Leo is the natural leader of the pack and doesn’t know the meaning of the word no when it comes to earning a position that is coveted. Many Leo’s choose to be in business for themselves because being the king of the jungle by nature, they don’t like to answer to anyone.