Fall Fashion Trends


Cecilia Sesto, Staff Writer

Fashion can be expressed in many different ways. Throughout the years and even from season to season, fashion can evolve tremendously. We have seen a lot of trends come and go like Brittney Spears and Justin Timberlake wearing denim on the red carpet in 2001, but let’s hope that trend is never coming back. 2020 has so many fashion trends, but here are some instant favorites. 

Patch on Jeans. Trendsetters like these jeans because they add more to your look. For example, instead of a plain white shirt and regular jeans you put the patch on jeans and they make your look more fun and interesting. These jeans would go great with any solid colored shirt or sweater and a cute pair of sneakers. 




Mini skirts. Fashionistas love mini skirts because you can dress them up and you can dress them down. You can dress them up with heels, a crop top and a cardigan. You can dress them down with a crewneck sweatshirt and sneakers.





Layering shirts.  The most stylish people can be spotted putting turtle necks or collared shirts under crewnecks and sweaters. You can style this with a cute pair of mom jeans. This makes your look more put together and it just adds more. You can also add a white or black long sleeve under dress to make your outfit more fall-like.