Ps5 vs X-box Series X

Ps5 vs X-box Series X

Adrian Borawski, Staff Writer

In the middle of November, two brand new consoles came out during the exact same month. In November 2020, both the brand new Ps5 and Xbox Series X came out. They both go for about 500 dollars brand new, and by the most recent sales check Ps5 is dominating Xbox. Maybe if you’re lucky, you could get one of these consoles for Christmas.  Here’s the differences between the consoles.

There are similarities to both consoles. Ps5 and Xbox Series X both have 4K, backward compatibility, and may have HDMI.  Both consoles have 1 T.B of storage and may have 120FPS. There are also distinct differences between both consoles. Lets start with the Playstation. Ps5, released on November 12, 2020 will come with a 825 SSD Card and have as little as 667 storage. The storage really kills this item because of all the great games that are coming or from past games. Some games that are released are Call of Duty, Cold War, Sack Boy: A Big Adventure, Spider Man Miles Morales, and Cyberpunk 77.  Apps and images can also take up storage. The Ps5 will be played at 4k compatibility, have backwards compatibility so if you want to play a Ps4 game you can and it will play Blu-Ray. This console only came out a couple months ago and they are already making a only Ps5 exclusive game.  Besides the storage, the console is really great and Sony has done well with this brand new console. 

Well lets look at the other console, The Xbox Series X.  Released on November 10, 2020,  the Xbox will be played in 4k just like the Ps5. When you buy it, it will come with 1 tb of storage, but like every console with time it will take storage with games, updates, etc. Something strange about the Xbox is that it weighs 10 pounds. Just like the Ps5 and a lot of gaming consoles, hemi is mostly the option for your tv.

With these new consoles, its great to see what is in them and how they upgraded to pick your purchase. These consoles are great in their own ways, but make sure you pick your console based on your own preferences.