Songs for Valentine’s Day Lovers

Chloe Hendrickson, Freelance Writer

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many people are getting ready to get their significant others special gifts to show their love and appreciation. The history behind Valentine’s Day is super interesting! Saint Valentine, the man who Valentine’s Day is created around, was a huge believer in teaching people how to watch for love and experience it. He was very well known for marrying people who were in love, illegally. It was illegal to get married in Rome due to the Emperor Claudius II who didn’t want men to get married because he wanted soldiers for his army. He felt that marriage would end up becoming an obstacle for getting more soldiers. When Claudius found out about what Saint Valentine was doing, he sent him to jail. While Saint Valentine was in jail, he became friends with another jail member named Asterious. Asterious asked Saint Valentine if he could help his daughter, Julia, with lessons since she was blind and needed help with reading material. Before Saint Valentine was killed due to Claudius’s enragement of Saint Valentine telling him to trust in Christ, he wrote Julia a note to encourage her to stick with Jesus and to thank her for being his friend. After writing everything in the note, he signed it “From your Valentine” and from that point on, it has started the tradition of people writing their own love notes to people on Valentine’s Day. Throughout the years, there have been many different artists who have made different love songs and those songs can be listened to all day on Valentine’s Day. Let’s get to ranking!

  1. “Just the Way You Are”


This song was written and sung by Billy Joel and produced by Phil Ramore. This song was released in September, 1977. “Just the Way You Are” is featured on Billy Joel’s fifth studio album, The Stranger. This love song is such a great representation of Valentine’s Day because it is saying that when you are in love, you will love everything about that person. This song is such a great selection for a Valentine’s Day playlist!

  1. “God Gave Me You” 

This song was written by Dave Barnes and produced by Scott Hendricks. “God Gave Me You” was originally sung by Dave Barnes, but Blake Shelton recorded his version of it. Shelton’s version of the song was released on July 25, 2011. “God Gave Me You” is featured on Blake Shelton’s sixth studio album, Red River Blue. This song is such a great example of love, it just had to be featured on the list! “God Gave Me You” has such great lyrics in it that really describes how love should occur during the easy and hard times.


  1. “Just Remember I Love You”

This song was written and produced by Rick Roberts. “Just Remember I Love You” is sung by the American rock band, Firefall with background vocals of Timothy B. Schmit. This song was released on July 21, 1977. “Just Remember I Love You” is featured on Firefall’s second studio album, Luna Sea. When you listen to this song, you hear the reassurance of the singers that no matter what happens, your significant other will always love you and you need to remember that. This love song is such a great add to the Valentine’s Day playlist!


  1. “Who You Love”

This song was written by John Mayer and Katy Perry and was produced by John Mayer and Don Was. “Who You Love” is sung by John Mayer and Katy Perry. This song was released on August 12, 2013. “Who You Love” is featured on John Mayer’s sixth studio album, Paradise Valley. This song is the perfect representation of what love should be. You should always just love who you love no matter who judges you! Love has no discrimination. 

  1. “I Finally Found Someone”

This song was written by Barbra Streisand, Bryan Adams, Marvin Hamlisch, Robert John, and “Mutt” Lange. It was produced by David Foster. “I Finally Found Someone” is sung by Barbra Streisand and Bryan Adams. This song was released on November 5, 1996. “I Finally Found Someone” is featured on the soundtrack and album of the movie, The Mirror Has Two Faces. This song represents the relief you feel when you finally find the person who you love and will alway be with. This most definitely has to be at the top of the Valentine’s Day playlist!