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2017-2018 Staff

Declan Buckley

Staff Writer

Declan is not only new to the school as  a freshman, but he is also new to the Charles Street Times. As someone with a love for writing, Declan can't wait to be a part of our school newspaper. However, his love for the creat...

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Aodhan Williams

Staff Writer

Aodhan Williams is a Freshman at Lindenhurst High School. He previously moved here from Queens. Picking his electives were rough because there were so many to choose from; however his guidance counselor told him about Journalism and w...

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Cavan J. McCabe

Free Lance Writer

Cavan J. McCabe is a 15 year old sophomore whose interests are sports and music. McCabe is a big Mets fan and also a bowler who had a 206 average on the bowling team last year. His favorite class is ROTC and he is currently a L...

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Jack Frischkorn

Free Lance Writer

Jack Frischkorn is a Junior at Lindenhurst High School. This is his first year writing for the Charles Street Times. He enjoys writing creatively and has a passion for sports, particularly football and baseball. He is the treasurer...

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Micaela Rodriguez

Free lance Writer

Micaela Rodriguez is in her first year of high school, as well as her first year of writing using her own free time. This year, Micaela has found a new interest in writing. Other than writing, Micaela enjoys History, Spani...

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Brianna Quinn

Free Lance Writer

Brianna Quinn is a junior at Lindenhurst High School. She enjoys creativity and writes not only formally, but through poetry and music as well. She is excited to show her passions through her writing, but Brianna doesn't just w...

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Emma D'Antonio

Staff Writer

Emma D’Antonio is a freshman at the Lindenhurst High School. She  loves writing and  is very excited to start writing for the CST because she feels she will be helping her peers and teachers get to know their town Lindenhu...

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Jenna Johnson

Staff Writer

Jenna Johnson is a sophomore at Lindenhurst High School. Through the CST, she hopes to document the various current events in our community and expand the horizons of journalism and research in Lindenhurst. She enjoys creativ...

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Nathalia Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Nathalia Rodriguez is an LHS sophomore and a new member to the Charles Street Times. She enjoys crafting, music, and science. She is looking to write articles relating to what she enjoys and is excited to become a part of the...

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Sean Mollo

Staff Writer

Sean Patrick Mollo is a 17 year old senior. To start off, his hobbies list various things such as free form creative writing, listening to music, video games, and watching shows. This is his first year on the team for Charles St...

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Ashley Falco

Staff Writer

Ashley Falco is a shy, conservative girl whose hobbies consist of music, writing, and reading. She will most-likely come off as quiet and awkward at first, but once she gets comfortable, she is very outgoing. Ashley also enjo...

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David Bloom

Staff Writer

David Bloom is a junior who will be in his third year of writing for the Charles Street Times (CST) and is looking forward to writing for us again. He is not only a journalist but he is also a football player and a wrestler for...

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Aria Castronuova

Free Lance Writer

Aria Castronuova is a junior at Lindenhurst High School. She is a Sagittarius sun and Gemini moon. She enjoys writing, painting, and drinking lemon-lime sodas. She is interested in true crime, and hopes to one day pursue a care...

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Nick Rippo

Staff Writer

Nick Rippo is a Freshman in Lindenhurst high school. He enjoys writing, drawing, and watching movies and TV shows. He prefers to write about opinion, debate, and entertainment. He would also be interested in writing about new...

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Chauncy Lewis

Staff Writer

Its Chauncy first year at the high school and also his first year in journalism.  This is the first year of him getting involved in the events around the school. He joined journalism because he has a strong passion for writing....

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Nancy Rodriguez

Free Lance Wrtier

Nancy Rodriguez, 16 and a Junior, was born on December 17. Nancy enjoys writing, playing piano, cooking and learning new things. Her favorite show is Switched at Birth and her favorite movie is After Time. She prefers English ove...

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Juliana Warta

Staff Writer

This is Juliana Warta. She is in 10th grade. This is her first year in journalism. She joined journalism to write about current events, debates, conspiracy theories and films.

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Thomas Vine

Staff Writer

Thomas Vine is a sophomore at Lindenhurst High School.  This is Tom’s first year writing for the Charles Street Times. Thomas vine is on the swim and golf teams and is in a multitude of other clubs such as robotics, debate ...

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Jake Kessinger


Jake Kessinger is currently in his senior year of high school. Jake is skilled in katana wielding and article writing. He thoroughly enjoyed journalism and working with his former peers and his advisors last year and is looki...

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Nicole Cardino


Nicole Cardino is a freshman at the Lindenhurst High School and a new journalist for the Charles Street Times. She loves writing and started writing for the CST because she knows that she would be helping people know what is ...

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Brian Lanza

Breaking News Team

Brian Lanza finds a strong interest in all things history. He tries everyday to educate himself more and more on the things he doesn't know. Brian believes that those who fail to learn history are destined to repeat it. Brian is...

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Joselyn Osorio


Joselyn is a new writer at the Charles Street Times. Along with reading and writing. Her favorite music artist currently is the indie-rock group, Milky Chance, whom you should take a listen to because they’re great. She is also an...

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Edward Curry


Edward D. Curry is a new addition to The Charles Street Times for Lindenhurst High School. He has had multiple experiences in writing, whether it be short stories, plays and rarely, poems. Curry hopes to bring new topics and di...

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Karissa Schaefer

Staff Writer

Karissa is 15 years old and is in 10th grade. This is her first year writing for the newspaper. She has taken creative writing last year as well as this year being the second year on the Lindenhurst Varsity Dance Team. She was a c...

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Kaitlyn Baum


Kaitlyn Baum is a Freshman at Lindenhurst High School, she has a compassion for writing since she was in 3rd grade. Kaitlyn thinks that the CST is an amazing and modern new way for people to keep up with the current events in L...

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Jarred Navarro

Sports Editor

Jarred is a member of the class of 2021 at the Lindenhurst High School. It is his first year working for the Charles Street Times and he is excited to be a part of the paper and is ready to help it grow. He plans to do article...

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Robert Hager

Staff Writer

Robert Hager is a freshman in the Lindenhurst High School. This is his first year being part of The Charles Street Times. Robert enjoys reading and writing. Three of Robert’s favorite books are To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper...

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Patrycja Chrzanowska


Patrycja Chrzanowska is a Sophomore at LHS and this is her second year writing for The Charles Street Times. She spends her free time listening to music, reading, and writing. She has enjoyed writing everything from news articles t...

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Peter Moran

Social Media Director

Peter Moran is a senior at Lindenhurst High School. He likes his chicken fried. This is Peter's first year doing journalism, however he has a lot to offer. Peter enjoys creative writing as well as writing poetry. Mr. Moran is...

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John Honahan


John Honahan has been a student at Lindenhurst Senior HIgh School for the past 3 years and is looking forward to being part of the Lindy Times for his final year. John has an interest in watching the news, and wants to be able...

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Adrian Bak

Staff Writer

Adrian Bak is a freshman at the Lindenhurst High School. It is his first year writing for The Charles Street Times. Adrian enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics, from current events to entertainment. Some hobbies o...

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Chris Diliberto

Breaking News Editor

Chris Diliberto has grown up in Lindenhurst his whole life. He is finally a Senior attending the Lindenhurst Senior High School. Chris enjoys various films and shows and everything that goes makes them great such as film-making,...

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Isabella Candelario

Staff Writer

Isabella Candelario is a 10th grader at Lindenhurst High School, and it is her first year writing with the CST. She is very excited to see what her favorite topic of writing is, although she would really enjoy writing in the deb...

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Arianna Avila


Arianna Avila is a senior who has a passion for writing. She hopes that her stories will one day be published for the public eye. Arianna also entertains herself with other hobbies and activities. She enjoys painting, riding her...

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Sarah Quinones


Sarah is the new girl in town trying to make a name for herself in a sea of brilliant minds. With two overweight cats, 3 step brothers, a new step dad, and a niece on the way, her life definitely got flipped upside down when sh...

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Adelyn Veras

Co-Editor in Chief

               Adelyn Veras is a long time veteran at the Charles Street Times. She has been participating for three years and all those long hours after school really paid off because she is now the Co-Editor In Chief o...

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Michael Morelli


Michael Morelli is a senior and has worked for the paper since he was in the tenth grade. He actually joined it based mostly on coincidence, there was a spot open in his schedule and he jumped at the opportunity. He is now edit...

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Anastasia Gamez

Staff Writer

Anastasia Gamez is a sophomore at LHS, this is her second year writing for the school paper.  The first thing that she likes is writing. Anastasia likes to write about everything and anything.  Writing is so enjoying to her...

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Jennifer Kelly


Mrs. Kelly has been teaching at LHS for 18 years and this is her third year advising for the Charles Street Times.  She believes the CST has really grown these past few years and thinks the new format will help her journalists...

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