Leadership Honor Scholarship

Leanna Birsner: The Future Brain Surgeon

Throughout her time at Lindenhurst High School, Leanna Birsner has worked hard and has achieved many things, such as ranking eighteenth in the Class of 2021. 

Leanna has had a “unique, fun, and exciting” senior year. For college, she will be attending the “University of Rochester,” and is “majoring in brain and cognitive sciences.” One trouble of online learning was “applying for college without as much guidance as is usually given.” But despite the issues, Leanna “went to as many webinars or seminars they held online as possible to learn myself how to do it.”

A challenge Leanna has faced despite the Covid pandemic changing the way she has had to go to school was to “figure out how to manage [her] time with everything she does.” But despite all of these challenges, she has persisted and maintained wonderful grades throughout the years. Therefore, an important thing learned during her years at LHS is “to find a balance between school and [her] hobbies and find a way to de-stress and find a way to not stress about school.” 

Birsner takes place in many extracurricular activities outside of school such as: “Robotics, International Club, Class Council, Science Club, National Honor Society, Sign Language Club, and [she] dance[‘s] competitively.” 

Over the years, Leanna’s favorite classes were “Sign language; [she] love[s] sign language. As well as German, AP Bio, Intro to Sports Medicine, and AP Physics.” The teachers that left the biggest impact on her were “Ms. Roll and Mr. Weeks.” 

In conclusion, Leanna Birsner has been a hardworking student who has ranked eighteenth in the Top 20 Students for the Class of 2021, and will go on to do many things in her bright future.