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LHS Welcomes New Teachers to the Lindy Family

It is always sad to see beloved LHS teachers retire, but it is also really exciting to welcome these fascinating new teachers into the Lindenhurst Family.

Mrs. Lahn

Mrs. Lahn is a new teacher here at the High School, but she has been teaching in the Middle School for a few years now. She teaches American Sign Language, which is also new to Lindenhurst as it was added as an option to take for a foreign language only four years ago. Currently, she teaches ASL 2 and ASL 2H here at the High School, and ASL 1 at the Middle School. Here are some questions and answers ...

Mr. Spinaris

Angela Solorzano, Staff Writer

Mr. Spinaris is a new teacher at Lindenhurst High School.  He is part of the technology department! I had a interview with Mr. Spinaris and here are his answers!   Why did you become a teacher?   "I had a great tech teacher and he really helped me figure out who I was and during that process I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. My teacher knew I was a social person...

Mr. Elfassy

Tyler Faber, Staff Writer

Mr. Elfassy is a new teacher at the Lindenhurst school district. He teaches a wide variety of different classes involving business and computers. He has been teaching computer science at the Middle School, Marketing at the Lindenhurst Academy, and International Business, publishing and personal finance at the High School. He enjoys being a teacher and loves to make connections with his students. He hopes to ...

Mr. Creglia

Mrs. Giris

Madison Cohen, Staff Writer

        There are many new teachers that have been welcomed to Lindenhurst High School. Some were nice enough to have agreed to be interviewed by the Charles Street Times. Mrs. Kristen Giris is one of the lovely new teachers who was interviewed. The first question she was asked is what language she teaches. Her response was “I teach Español this year and I am teaching levels 1 and 2.” The next ...

Ms. Higgins
Mrs. Ricotta
Ms. Sutera
Mr. Fressle
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