Leadership Honor Scholarship

Mrs. Giris

        There are many new teachers that have been welcomed to Lindenhurst High School. Some were nice enough to have agreed to be interviewed by the Charles Street Times. Mrs. Kristen Giris is one of the lovely new teachers who was interviewed. The first question she was asked is what language she teaches. Her response was “I teach Español this year and I am teaching levels 1 and 2.” The next question was how many years she has been teaching. Mrs. Giris has only been teaching for two years. This is her first year with her own class. She had a wonderful response to the next question which was, why did you choose to teach the subject you do. In her words she said ¨I chose to teach Spanish because I absolutely love the language and the culture. I love connecting with people and the Spanish language has helped double the amount of people that I can get to know and understand. The language is beautiful and the cultures are diverse and vibrant!¨ All teachers have a reason why they chose to become one. Mrs. Giris decided to become one because she wanted  to share her passion for the Spanish language and cultures with students. She wanted to afford others the opportunity to speak a second language, make connections with people and understand cultures different from their own. Since she is new to the Lindenhurst community she was asked her opinions on the town. She stated ¨Lindenhurst is an amazing community with really kind and caring people. Everyone here has been super supportive, warm, welcoming and friendly!¨ Now that we have gotten to know the teacher side of Mrs.Giris let’s learn about her outside of school. Outside of school Mrs. Giris is a competitive horseback rider, horse trainer and riding coach. Mrs. Giris seems like an amazing person and and even better teacher!

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