Leadership Honor Scholarship

Mr. Fressle

As the school year comes to a new, unfamiliar faces begin to fill the Lindenhurst High School. Whether that be incoming freshmen, new students from different schools, or in this case, new teachers! In an attempt to get to know these teachers better, the LHS journalism classes are trying to interview as many as we can. Today, I am interviewing Mr. Fressle. I asked Mr. Fressle a series of questions and he responded via email. Here are some of his responses. Mr. Fressle is a Business teacher at LHS. This is his very first year teaching here, and anywhere. He teaches 4 courses. Those being  Marketing, Intro to Computer Science, Crime and Law, and marketing. Mr. Fressle also runs the chess club along with being a Freshman class advisor. When I asked him what inspired him to start teaching he said that he had many great teachers through the years who acted as role models for him and he decided to follow in their footsteps and one. His favorite part about Lindenhurst so far is the community within the school. Something you may have in common with him is that he is an avid sports fan, He loves to play golf, and basketball. However, not only does he play sports, he loves to watch sports as well! His favorite teams are the Jets, the Knicks, and the Yankees. Aside from sports, another activity he enjoys is hanging out with his family and friends! A fun fact about him is that in his family, he is the youngest of four siblings!! Well, that concludes my interview with Mr. Fressle. Hopefully you got to know him better and he  becomes a familiar face around the halls of LHS!!!! 

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