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Oreo Truffles!

One of my favorite holiday recipes to make is Oreo truffles. It’s simple and delicious! I love this recipe because it can be made all year round, and you can decorate based on occasion. I acquired this recipe from the channel

ChefsAndBakersRecipes on YouTube. She also goes by @KareenaKakes on Instagram. She is a small business owner located right here in Lindenhurst, New York! She makes exquisite desserts/cakes for all occasions. Be sure to check out her page as you will not be disappointed! 


For this recipe you will need:

15 Oreo cookies

2 oz of Cream Cheese

1 package of melted chocolate 

Sprinkles (optional) 


To start off, take 15 Oreo cookies and begin blending them in a food processor/blender until crushed. Then, add your two ounces of cream cheese and blend again. It should begin coming together in a dough-like consistency. Once that is done, shape the mixture into small balls. Using a cookie scoop, take out around one tablespoon at a time and roll them into balls. Place these balls onto a cookie sheet. After this is completed, refrigerate for 15 minutes. While the truffles are in the refrigerator, start melting the chocolate. Dip the Oreo balls into the melted chocolate one at a time and place on the cookie sheet again. Immediately after, decorate the truffles with sprinkles, in this case I would use holiday sprinkles. Then, put the cookie sheet back into the refrigerator to let the chocolate set. Enjoy!!! 


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