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Reading Between The Notes: Look Down

Reading Between The Notes: “Look Down”

From the movie Les Miserables, based off the musical of the same name, comes the first song of the movie, Look Down. The song is sung as prisoners toil away and the main character Jean Valjean is given back his freedom… or so he thinks.

Angelina Rudy

“Look Down” from Les Miserables is a song way out of my type of music preference. I didn’t really like this song because I don’t really like the type of song it is. I don’t like the way that the song is sung. I don’t like how the song is mostly speaking in different pitches. I’m honestly not really a fan of this song at all. Overall, I’m going to give this song a 1/10. Although Les Mi...

Dylan Hernandez

Some situations just feel Hopeless, like there's nothing you can do but put your head down and accept it, this is what “Look Down” is. In the musical Les Miserables, the song takes place around the time of the French revolution. It was a chaotic time in which France went back and forth between kingdom, republic, and even empire at one point. Ordinary people were caught in that chaos. These people ...

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