Leadership Honor Scholarship

Courtesy of J. Kelly

CST Journalists instruct Mrs. Colosa’s 5th grade class at Daniel Street.

Daniel Street Junior Journalists 2022

On Thursday, March 24th, three journalists from the Charles Street Times Newspaper Club, Julie Leon, Chloe Hendrickson, and Damiano Drucker, traveled across the parking lot to visit Mrs. Colosa’s 5th grade class.  This group of ambitious 5th graders have embarked on a major research project for such young students.  They are all researching important people, places and elements of history from Lindenhurst.  Mrs. Colosa and the Daniel Street Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Knoth, have guided the students in their research process.  However, the CST Newspaper Club volunteers assisted them with editing and writing tips.  After a final proofread from the CST Newspaper Club members, the result is a finished product showcasing our Junior Journalists!  Let’s hope this fine group of writers join our team one day here at the High School!

Heroes Helping Every Day
Going Back to Breslau
School’s in Session!
Lindenhurst’s Famous Faces
Lindy’s Landmarks
The First People of Lindenhurst
Small Town, Big Dreams
Venice Brought to Lindenhurst
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