Top 20 Students Named

As the school year comes to an end, seniors will be saying goodbye to the Lindenhurst High School and move on to do greater and better things. The Charles Street Times would like to congratulate the Top 20 Students from the Class of 2019 on their academic success during their time at LHS. These students have put in blood, sweat, and tears and it will definitely pay off for them in the future!

Nicholas Hager: The Valedictorian
Joseph Grogan: The Salutatorian
Samantha Lound: The Gymnastics Coach
Cesar Bravo: The North Lindy Fire Dpt. Member
Nicholas Fleury:  A Future Law Man
Sabrina Lound: The Gymnast
Adam “Swaggy Papi” Quintanilla: The Wrestler
Hisham Tadfie: The Future Doctor
Monika Orzelowski: The Future Theatre Owner
Nadiya Dzhavala: The Drafter
Kyra Pontecorvo: The Athlete
Sandra Lesniewski: The Gymnast
Julia Di Orio: The Cheerleader
Dana Storm: The Peer Leader
Vincent Smith: The Baseball Star
Ethan Peralta: The Powderpuff
Efrain Laguna: The NHS President
Nickey Huang: The Pharmacologist
Lauren Dawnkowski: The Dancer
Jacqueline Kalish: The Traveler