Pros and Cons about Graduating From The Middle School

 This article is about the pros and cons of graduating from the Middle School. Most people are excited to go to a new school and explore new things, but actually are sad to leave some of their close friends and teachers here at the middle school. Half of the class is excited to go to a new school, and the other half of the class is scared of leaving their friends and being a freshman.



1. More Freedom!- Simone Ward 

2.  No more bad lunch food.- Talia Zeman

3. Getting out of school early!- Cruz Vazquez

4. Being older! – Phoebe Di Donato

5. You can do high school sports.- Nick Rose 

6. We get out of middle school!- Cristian Crispino

7. More freedom, privileges, and better food.. – Miguel Payamps

8. Having more overall freedom with your time managment.-Krzysztof Weglicki

9. Getting away from middle school! Gavin Amato

10. You have older people in the school.-James Pacilio



1. Scared of Seniors- Cece Sesto

2. Being the youngest in the school!- Olivia Parzych

3. People not being used to me- Sarah Griemsmann

4.  Bigger school and losing close friends- Matt Durnin 

5. Being a freshman – Summer Gerry 

6. You probably won’t see your favorite teacher again Joseph Gambino

7. Losing friends –  Thomas Denardo

8. You will have to leave all your favorite teachers behind. -Diana Singh 

9.Going to the high school!- Yassmin Amaya 

10. You are getting older and you feel more mature.- Megan Demchuk