My Favorite Winter Memory

My favorite winter memory was when I was 10. It was a snow day so we didn’t have school. In the morning I woke up getting ready for school, but then I heard my sister Kalyn shout in excitement because on the news it showed Lindenhurst had a snow day. When I heard her say that, I was very excited. I woke up my brother Chris and told him that we had a snow day. When I told him he jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to ask our parents to make sure I wasn’t lying. Then I told my other sister Emily the news. She was excited but tired so she just went back to sleep. Then, I ran downstairs to see how much snow we had on our lawn. When I went downstairs my sister and brother were already in the snow. I asked my mom if I can go outside, and she said yes but get your snow pants and boots on and don’t forget a jacket. Then, I went to go get ready.  When I got outside, it was really fun. We had a snowball fight and then a snowman competition to see who can make a better snowman. Then we played tackle football. It was very fun until I got hurt because I hit my head on the ground. When we got inside it was still hurting but my dad made me start laughing because he said “Bring him back outside! He needs ice on his head!” Then we went to my Grandma’s for lunch. That was my favorite winter memory. I loved the day because I felt like I connected with my family and we had a lot of fun.