Animal Crossing New Horizons:

Bunny Day


Nicolina Bilella, Staff Writer

Subsequent to the first anniversary of Animal Crossing New Horizon, there is not much out of the ordinary for the next approximately fortnight. The major spring time holiday is Easter. This year it seems to be a lot earlier this year and Nintendo instilled that same timeframe for Easter or as it’s called in the virtual world, Bunny Day.

In the same manner as Easter, Bunny Day is also April 4th. However there are seven day proceeding this event. This span consists of basically the same pursuit, except for a few differences.

On the first day or whenever you first join in this time period you will find a yellow bunny called Zipper dancing somewhere on your island. If you chose to speak to him he makes a remark about you finding him then goes on to describe how to find the Bunny Day eggs and the concept of using them to craft DIY recipes while also breaking out of his jolly mascot mannerisms for the first time and mentions the most likely reason he is called Zipper, the huge zipper on his “back,” “I know what you’re thinking. No. This is NOT a costume. And don’t you go snooping’, got it?”

One aspect remembered about Bunny Day is Zipper, but that’s not a positive thing. Most players see him as very creepy or a tired worker. People share comments from his appearance, speech, and the fact he asks you to tell no one he was there to keep his appearance on Bunny day a surprise. Luckily for them he leaves after that day. While the remaining people prophesize from the murmur he makes about having so much work to do.

The week before Bunny Day and Bunny Day allow you find different colors eggs from all over your island. There are six different eggs consisting of six different methods to achieve them.

All pictures taken by Nicolina Bilella

First is the leaf egg (middle on the first layer on picture) which may be the most obvious to find since they are displayed on trees that don’t bear fruit. It appears on about three trees everyday and like fruit there are three each. (The trees they are on can vary depending on how many you have).

The egg to the left is earth egg, where is obvious by it’s name is found in the earth (underground). They appear everyday in the marking on the ground for fossils and other objects you choose to bury underground. There are usually around more than three buried alongside of the normal fossils.

Next is the stone egg (diagonal to the earth egg) which is found by hitting the stones on your island. A rounded amount of their appearance is three, leaving sometimes an amount of zero eggs and five or six eggs. However the higher quantities are very rare.

Up on top is the sky egg which is found only popping the different colored balloons (picture on right side). These balloons are somewhat uncommon and also could contain a recipe so prepare for a gamble. Also message bottles on the beach contain a recipe and a letter written by Zipper T. Bunny. These could be found once a day everyday.

A little to the right is the water egg found while fishing the same way you would catch a fish. Depending on how much you fish may vary these results, but this egg seems to also be caught three times. These eggs are usually caught on the small fish shadow with it biting once, twice, or three times. Like fish the water egg has a phrase with a pun, “That’s an egg, not a fish! What should I do with it?” Well it’s not really a pun, but it’s something.

Lastly is the wood egg which unlike the others doesn’t appear to have a limit on the amount you can earn, except for the amount of trees you have. The wood eggs pop up about one for every or every other tree.

These eggs are edible and give the player the same benefits as eating fruit. These eggs can sell for 200 bells each and even Zipper recommends selling an item rather than the individuals.

There are certain items that you cannot craft but rather can be given from your villagers or bought from Nook’s Cranny. Unlike most if not all Seasonal items you can buy this multiple times. On the contrary like other special items, there is a new one every day. According to Animal Crossing Youtuber, Mayor Mori this was one of the two changes from last year. The other is the event lasted for twelve days.

On the first day Zipper gives his instruction lecture and a Bunny’s Day bed. These recipes include a mirror, clock, arch, fence, wallpaper, flooring, and much more furniture. Almost all of the crafted items look fairly similar to the ingredients used, which are all eggs. The only real exception to this is item from the first recipe Zipper gives you when you craft all of the items.

Clothing is another craftable aspect. There are a hat, body suit, and shoes for each egg type and a few other items. This includes a crown, dress, bag, hat, and the next item Zipper gives you which each require at least one of each egg. These could be crafting after getting a certain amount of eggs with the message, “If I made good use of the egg’s patterning… Oh! I’ve got some DIY recipe ideas!” popping up. Also you can trade the items from this and the obvious paragraph from trading with villagers.

Luckily on Bunny Day the amount of eggs greatly increases and seems unlimited. This is especially good for getting the sky eggs and recipes. You could probably be fine only starting on that day. Along with his original quest Zipper also gives you the option to give him one of each eggs for a Bunny’s Day Basket. It will be the same hues of straw, purple, and the egg colors if you try to buy it again. Also Zipper allows a trade three of the same types of egg for a required one. This isn’t required for completing Zipper’s hunt.

When you finish finding and crafting your sixteen furniture recipes Zipper will give you a recipe for a Wobbling Zipper Toy aka an expansion to your quest. This possession is, like the title should imply, a toy version of everyone’s favorite bunny. The recipe requires four of each egg. The toy sells for 9,600 bells.

After you craft that Zipper gives you another recipe for a Bunny Day wand. This “special” wand requires another Wobbling Zipper Toy and three star fragments. The function of a wand is quite limited, it uses an animation to wave the wand, shows some sparkles and is a shortcut to changing your outfit into another from a saved component listed in the wand. Wands are usually given out (already crafted, usually not the recipe) as a prize for a special event, for example Flick’s Bug Off. The wand sells for 11,100 bells which is substantial price compared to the Bug or Bamboo wand, which sell for 1,500 or 3,900 bells. Maybe that could counter act how useless and disappointed that “reward” was.

In the meantime the cherry blossom season is occurring. This remains alongside Spring giving you spring bamboo; obtaining a color lighter than the default bamboo and has a a darker green leaf on the middle of the right side. However only the first has the phrase of, “This cherry-blossoms petal is so lovely! Pink is really it’s color”. Both ingredients allow you to craft some recipes. If not from Isabella’s morning announcement on your first day playing, then from popping balloons. The cherry blossom season starts on the 1st of April and ends on the 10th and the bamboo season at the end of spring. They can be obtained in the same fashion as snowflakes and the maple leaves, catching them with a net. While the young spring bamboo can just be cut down from bamboo sprouts.

Now with Easter over at least there are the above two “events” to take your mind off of Zipper and his Bunny Day terrors.