Earth Day Beach Clean-Up

Grace Magnuson, Staff Writer

April 22nd is a day to think and care about our Earth. People all around the world celebrate this national holiday by planting trees, picking up garbage, and general appreciation for our Earth. 

The Lindenhurst Science Club decided to celebrate by holding a meet up at Venetian shores to clean up garbage left on the beach. Posters were hung up all around the school to promote this event. All students were encouraged to participate. Arranged by Mr. Polochak and Mr. Costanzo, students worked together to clean up garbage on the beach. President of the Science Club, Alex Snit, also helped arrange this event. Students were given trash bags, gloves and clipboards to record the amount and record what kind of trash was picked up. Students also received garbage bingos.  Groups of students that received bingo won a bag of candy.

Gianna Randazzo, a freshmen at Lindenhurst High School, was interviewed about her experience, ¨Seeing all the students cleaning the beach was very was inspiring. I’ve never noticed how much garbage is on the beach, and seeing it all clean makes me want to do it again. I really enjoyed doing this on Earth Day.¨ All the students working together to better the Earth was amazing. Anyone can contribute to the Earth in everyday life and should do their best to not litter. Picking up litter is only a little action that can make every day Earth Day.