Animal Crossing New Horizon:

May Day 2021


All photos taken by Nicolina Bilella

Nicolina Bilella, Staff Writer

During this time of the year most people are looking forward to the summertime ahead; however, that neglects the fifth month of the year, May. Nintendo seems to have an opposite stand point or at least things to offer with a few events taking place in May.

The initial affair is called May Day and inconsistent to its name it starts on May 1st and ends on the seventh.

When you first log on Isabelle explains that Tom Nook has sent you a May Day ticket to go on an adventure and advises you to go to the airport to get the ticket from Orville. He revises on what Isabelle says and explains that everything in your inventory then and there will be taken and kept by Orville for the time being (so that time emptying your inventory was a waste).

The plane brings you to an island similar to one you would visit from a Nook Miles Ticket. Except for the fact that is one has no rivers, a few purple and pink and white azalea bushes emerging after the dock, and a path of several hedges (the ones who can craft) encases most of the island.

If you ever are stuck in the maze you can call Rescue Services and it will cost you 500 Nook Miles. lists a walkthrough of how to get to Rover, the blue and white cat villager and the nine Bell Vouchers (equivalent to 4,500 Bells).

When you clear the way to Rover he will explain that he is in the same boat as the player and was given the same trip from Tom Nook. He gives you a similar speech to a villager wanting to join your island then you a briefcase and describes it as one of his priced possessions. This along with the bell vouchers will be sent to your mailbox the next day addressed from Rover and DoDo Airlines.

Any material you’ve collected or dug up from the maze will disappear so you wouldn’t have any problems with full storage slots. You can repeat the maze, but can only complete it and leave once.

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