Why You Should Join Public Speaking


Courtesy of M. Kannavos

Paris Sonnenberg, Julia Bialas, Julia Domagala

Giuliana Barberio, Staff Writer

School should be about learning and having fun which is exactly what English electives can do for you. There are many different classes to choose from under the English department for everyone’s different interests. One of the English electives that gains a great deal of student engagement is Public Speaking. This class teaches you how to speak and present in front of large crowds especially if those types of things freak you out.

The Charles Street Times interviewed a senior from the Lindenhurst High School, Haily Leon, who currently takes Public Speaking and asked her what she feels Public Speaking does for her as a student. “Public speaking has taught me about different types of speeches. How they work, how long they are, when to use them. I chose Public Speaking to get the college credits as well as to improve my own public speaking skills.” She believes that students of all grades should definitely consider taking the class because it will benefit all. Haily also included in her interview, “This class prepares you by requiring you to do research on topics and then make a presentation on that topic to your class. It teaches you to be more confident in delivering a speech to an audience.”

Mrs. Berry from Lindenhurst High School teaches Public Speaking and agreed to be interviewed by The Charles Street Times. Mrs. Berry told CST she believes that most students might prefer Public Speaking over other English electives because it is an active class. Students are giving multiple speeches throughout the year which means they are always either researching or presenting. When asked what specific skills Public Speaking gives students for college/career Mrs. Berry responded with, “Public Speaking helps students hone their skills in presenting themselves effectively, whether in college, career, or even personal interactions.  In addition to working on eye contact, volume, pace, and vocal variety, students learn to better understand the psychology of audience dynamics.”

When students take Public Speaking they leave with more confidence and better research skills then they did before joining the class. Public Speaking can be taken as a college credit class and  or just as an elective.  The course contains college-level material if you pay for the credits or not.  According to Mrs. Berry, “Since Public Speaking is a core requirement at most colleges, it’s beneficial to take it for credit in high school so you can skip it–or take a more advanced course like Debate–at the college level.  For only $171 (as of the ’20-’21 school year) students earn 3 college credits, which is a great deal!”

If you are looking into joining an English elective and need to work on speaking in front of an audience. Public Speaking would definitely be the right path for you. Colleges love it and you will also leave high school with the ability to do presentations and research like you weren’t able before. It’s the right step forward into your future.