Sit and Relax With These Video Games!

Angela Solorzano, Staff Writer

Video games have changed the world since 1958. Over the years, more and more games have been created from all over the world. Many people have favorite games to play either with themselves or with their friends. Here are just a few of Nintendo’s games that are recommended from all different genres….

Genre: Life Simulation/Communication Game

Animal Crossing has been blowing up since March 20, 2020. Everyone has played ever since locked down started. In Animal Crossing, the player character is a human who lives in an area that you can expand to make a village with various animals,  and you can also do various activities such as fishing, bug catching and fossil hunting! 

Genre: Survival

Minecraft has been released since November 18, 2011. Minecraft is a survival game where you have to build houses and make tools. There are many things you can do in this game such as go hunting, find villages and raid them, go fishing, explore different biomes and much more! You can also play with friends and survive with them or you can play the different mods that people have created such as cake wars! 

Genre: Indie game, Adventure 

Castle Crashers was released on August 27, 2008. Castle Crashers is where you can select a character of any choice, then the player can choose a starting stage through an overworld map. After finishing the stage, the player can either have a choice to revisit or move to the other stage. 

Genre: Racing game 

Mario Kart Deluxe 8 was released on August 27, 1992. Mario Kart is a series of go-kart racing video games. The player can choose from various different characters from other games. For example, the characters can be from Mario, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Splatoon series. The player is competing in races while using various items to gain advantages. 

Genre: Action-adventure game

The Legend of Zelda was released on February 21, 1986. The Legend of Zelda is where the player starts off as Link and a Princess named Zelda. They do anything they can do to save the magical land of Hyrule from Ganon, an evil warlord that turned into a demon king.