5 Places to Visit in Lindenhurst


Michelle Estevez, Staff Writer

Lindenhurst is a growing community, with many growing businesses to check out. Here are some places that are worth the visit:

Chonky Cookies

Chonky Cookies is a small business that started during quarantine. The owner, Heather Friedfertig, started baking cookies over quarantine out of boredom. The more she made the cookies, the more her family and friends suggested she make an Instagram account. It all started from there. She blew up on social media, and started offering online orders, until she found an open store in Lindenhurst. Chonky Cookies has a wide variety of delicious cookies, Some fan favorites include The Joe Cookie which is a chocolate chip cookie, Cookies and cream, Nuttella stuffed, and Rainbow Cookie. This local business is located at 646A Wellwood Ave, Lindenhurst, and it is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10AM to 9PM. 


The Color Palette 

The Color Palette is an art studio for all ages to enjoy doing any type of art. The Color Palette offers drawing, painting, as well as private lessons and birthday parties for any age. They also have holiday events for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, the upcoming Octoberfest: Kids party night, and Halloween bash. They’re open 24/7 and located on 51 W Hoffman Ave, Lindenhurst. If you’re looking for a place to have a fun relaxing night, or a creative birthday, The Color Palette is the place to go. 


Island Empanadas 

Island Empanadas is a new empanada restaurant. Although Island Empanadas has multiple locations all over Long island, there has been a new addition to Lindenhurst. Island Empanadas has so many varieties of empanadas including beef, chicken, pork, and vegetable empanadas. They also serve dinner and lunch plates with rice and beans. Island Empanadas not only has savory empanadas, but unique apple caramel, oreo, and guava empanadas. The owner, Roy Pelaez, has had a dream to open a empanada based restaurant, and that dream came true in 2011 when the first restaurant opened in Ronkonkoma. Roy Palaez trained in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic to not only learn more about the art of empanadas, but to master the skill. Island Empanadas in Lindenhurst is located on 646 N Wellwood Ave. 



Munis is a new coffee shop here in Lindenhurst. Munis has many options of coffee, smoothies, and juices, but delicious pastries and breakfast foods. Something unique that Muni’s offers is that if you ever want to pay for someone else’s drink or order you can leave a post – it notes on a board that they have in the store saying how much you are offering to pay. The owner, Alice Bopp, got the idea from a customer saying that they saw it on social media, and thought it might be a good idea to introduce it at Muni’s. Since this started the shop has been through 500 post- it notes, and has even gotten Venmos from people all around the country, with positive messages as well. Munis is located on 222 N Wellwood Ave, and is open all days of the week. Muni’s is a fun place to hang out, and be in a relaxing environment. 


The Village 

The Village of Lindenhurst has many different activities for any age to enjoy. Some upcoming events include Oktoberfest, Halloween Family Fun Day, Halloween Pet Parade & Dog Walk, and Trick or Trunk. All Fall events take place during October, but it doesn’t stop there. There are multiple events during all seasons, and events for local clubs as well. If you want to check out more information you can go to The Village Of Lindenhurst website, https://villageoflindenhurstny.gov/resources/events-calendar/. Lindenhurst is a growing community with growing businesses for all to visit. 


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