ASL Club’s Donation Drive for Local Deaf School


Mill Neck Manor in Mill Neck, NY

Damien Callaghan, Staff Writer

We need your help! 

     Mill Neck School For The Deaf, established in 1951, is a deaf school here on Long Island. Each year, they hold their well known Mill Neck Apple Festival to raise money for the school. They sell school merchandise, apples, corn, and an assortment of other fruits, vegetables, and other goods. The event is primarily run by deaf people, but anyone is more than welcome and encouraged to show up. Since COVID, they have not been able to run this festival, which not only hurts the schools funding, but it hurts their publicity and the families who run it. Since the ASL classes began here in Lindenhurst, students have been encouraged to go to the festival to help raise money, practice their signing, and meet deaf people. With COVID still running rampant throughout the island, the festival has not been the same, and Lindenhurst students have asked to help! 


Where: Place donations in drop off boxes located around the building, or bring them to Mrs. Roll in Room 144.

What: Non-perishable foods, bottled water/drinks, personal hygiene products, or toiletries

When: Anytime before 9th period on November 17th

Who: ASL Club (run by Mrs. Roll) and their officers (Logan Kleva, Claudia Cilea, Jennifer Albano, and Darlene Calderon)

Why: To help out families of deaf students during the holidays. Donations will be divided up amongst specific families of students in need.

See flyers around the building!