Photography Club


Michelle Estevez, Staff Writer

Lindenhurst High School has so many extracurricular clubs and opportunities for everyone to join and enjoy. The Photography club is one of the many creative clubs that we have here in Lindenhurst. The photography club is run by Mrs. Biscardi who is a photography and graphic arts teacher. Not only are there the clubs, but AP and regular classes are offered for photography and graphic arts as well. 


In the club there are a variety of activities to participate in, and the members make it fun for all. Biscardi said, “Some things that the photography club participates in are Safe Halloween, holiday decorations, selling and displaying art work for artists, and overall getting into the photography community.” Mrs. Biscardi also explained how the club is working on taking pictures for local shelters to bring awareness. 


The club has been in Lindenhurst High School for many years, and continues to draw people in. She also said, “My favorite thing about the club is getting to meet different people, Sharing the overall love for the photography community, and helping people get experience in this art.”  The photography club also helps the L’alteriar club (poetry club) that is also run by Mrs. Biscardi for fundraisers and inspiration. 


The photography club is a community for all people to learn and have fun. Whether someone has a lot of experience or none, the photography club is always excited for new members and to help people learn. This club usually meets every other Wednesday after school in room 123!