Safe Halloween!


Angela Solorzano and Erika Hendrickson

Safe Halloween is on October 29, 2021. This event takes place within the halls and classrooms of Lindenhurst high school. The clubs at the high school set up different themed rooms within the school and have fun activities and hand out candy to any kid walking in or out of their club’s classroom. This event is held at the high school every year so kids can get candy safely. This means that parents’ minds are put at ease because they know where their kid is getting the candy from and can make sure that their kid is safe no matter where in the building they are. Kids can come in costume if they’d like but are not required to. 


        After talking to members of some of the clubs at Lindenhurst, we were able to find out what they’re room theme is. We found out if they will be dressing up for the event, and what kind of activities they will have in their rooms. These activities were all handmade and members have put their time and effort to make their rooms fun as possible for the kids. 


The Key Club did a corpse bride theme. Club members handed out candy to every kid!

The Photography Club did their very own Photo Station where people of any age can take pictures, even a selfie station! They will also send either a digital or a physical copy of the pictures that were taken for you. 

The National Arts Honor Society did a candy shop theme. Everything was all handmade and they also had a little fun activity. 

The Honor Society did a Mario theme. They had a game where kids would throw a beanbag into a cardboard cutout with holes. In addition they also handed out candy to the kids.

The Italian club did a Dante Inferno theme. They had activities in which kids could take photos with a cut out face, as well as handing out candy. 

The GSA did a Nightmare before Christmas theme! They handed out candy to all the kids that attended Safe Halloween.

Safe halloween was so much fun for all club members, parents and their kids. This event was just for kids to have fun and the parents to have their kids be safe getting candy!