Animal Crossing Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2021


Nicolina Bilella, Staff Writer

     While most are looking forward to the Thanksgiving break, some are awaiting the Thanksgiving inspired event in Animal Crossing New Horizons called Turkey Day.  Even though the event was designed last year, there appears to be one change in mechanics that will be explained in paragraph four.

     The event commences with a bright pink turkey named Franklin being introduced by Isabelle on the morning announcements.  According to that, he is a world-class chef and resides in the town center and that introduces his dilemma of lack of ingredients.  He states that type of ingredients require the chef to find them locally and asks the player if they are up for the challenge.  Then he continues, “I’d do it myself, but these are chef’s hands.  Without an assistant dagger, I despair of getting my ingredients.”

     The first needed ingredient is three manila clams to create some clam chowder, which can be found by digging in the sand when you see a bit of water spewing out or by trading with your villagers.  The ones in their houses wish to contribute something to the feast and ask the player to get them something they need in exchange for an ingredient, a recipe, or cooking tip.  

     When you go back to Franklin and try to give something else, it has the same amount of items as the required item (ex. three manila clams need three different storage slots of items). This has stayed the same as the previous Thanksgiving, but now it is more open than last year, as shown by Youtuber Failboat’s video on the subject released on November 28th 2020.  It displays him trying to give Franklin a sea cucumber for the third meal.  For any kind of fish or mushroom, it would result in Franklin saying, “Ermm…I appreciate the gesture, but this isn’t what I was looking for.”  However the mechanics wouldn’t even let Franklin accept it and it left Failboat spamming the A button on his Nintendo then leaving to get the real ingredients.  

     When you give Franklin the real ingredients he exclaims, “Well, what do you know!  Fresh manila clams from this very island!”  He then explains to the player that he has everything he needs and announces his iconic line, “Let’s get cooking!”.  Next the Nintendo pans to the finished product with the villagers currently outside standing in awe.  Franklin stills has some more to say and gives you a Turkey Day rug for the player’s work.

     After tell the player the next dish, Franklin asks every time if the player will participate in fetching ingredients.  The pumpkin pie requires an orange pumpkin and a white pumpkin.  Now Franklin suggests to trade food items with others, for the chance the player hasn’t done so already.  If you talk with the villagers outside of their houses they will say something relevant to Turkey Day depending on their personality.  When you retrieve the pumpkins he says, “Nice! Reliable assistants and high-quality ingredients take a master chef’s work that much smoother.” then his iconic line.  Everything that happened with the first dish will happen here and for the rest, except the corresponding gift to the pumpkin pie is a Turkey Day wall.  

     Franklin’s gratin calls for an oyster and a mussel from the sea around the island.  While you are collecting ingredients and come across a scallop along with the other ingredients, don’t sell the scallop.  He asks if he could use the scallop for an experimental clam chowder.  If the player accepts that request he describes the soup as, “no longer soup, but souper-douper!” and gives them a Turkey Day casserole.  The player can’t give him the gratin ingredients during that interaction because he lists off their ingredients again, but the player can just go talk to him right afterwards.  He says the same line as when you retrieve the pumpkins and the dialogue patte

rn continues until he gives you Turkey Day flooring.

     The last dish is menuière, which needs a sea bass and a red snapper.  The player receives a form of Franklin’s gratitude with a little speech and a Cornucopia.  He also informs the player that there were the recipes he cooked and others added to the DIY Recipes+ app and that it will be available to players that haven’t used the Turkey Day event to purchase in Nook’s Cranny for

 6,860 Bells under the name Turkey Day Recipes.  These recipes can contribute to the Writing a Cookbook achievement.  

     From  Thanksgiving to November 30th, Timmy and Tommy are offering special items.  This includes Turkey Day table setting, Turkey Day wheat decor,Turkey Day hearth, Turkey day chair, and Turkey Day decorations.  During this period is another Nook’s Cranny event, Black Friday!  Everything from the 26th to the 30th everything including the special furniture items are 30% off.  The windows display three black and red SALE signs, two on the left and the other on the right.

     After this the design changes a mini Christmas tree can be seen on the left side right next to the store’s drop-off box.  There are also multiple colored lights on Nook’s Cranny and the Resident Services building.  Although there are Christmas changes, Christmas is about still a month away and other than gifts, expect an article pertaining to Christmas of 2021.