Lindy’s Key Club Honors Dominik Gonzales


Courtesy of Ms. Berry

Brooke Elliott

This past November 12th, Lindy’s Key Club honored the memory of Dominik Gonzales with a movie night and fundraiser. The night was a huge success, with the club raising $1107 for the Gonzalez family. The fundraiser was in the Lindenhurst High School cafeteria, with a large screen set up on the far wall and key club volunteers throughout, working food booths and selling raffle tickets. Around 40 volunteers were present for the event, and that goes to show just how close this loss was to the heart of the community. As Iron Man played on the big screen, families and students alike were sprawled on blankets, eating treats, and honoring the memory of a young boy gone too soon.

As was previously mentioned, this loss was devastating for our community, and with that in mind it’s no surprise that a plethora of companies donated goods or services. Among the night’s most generous donors were Encore Movie Rentals, providing for us our star attractions: Tony Stark. Lindy Grad Mitch Mendell donated shirts for the Key Club volunteers through South

Shore Royal Tees. Sand City Brewing and Island Empanadas, as well as our own Mrs. Ketchams’s PassionEats provided many snacks for the evening, ranging from popcorn to dessert empanadas. Former LHS teacher Mr. Greco donated to the night through G2woodshop, as well.

A special thank you to everyone who donated to the event and helped to make it a success, including Minuteman Press of Lindenhurst; Carvel of Lindenhurst; Restoration Kitchen & Cocktails; Argyle Theater, Babylon, NY; Belfast Gastropub; Chunky Cookies; Mr. G’s Pizzeria; Babylon Collectibles; South Bay Diner; Starbucks; Rant N Rave Entertainment, 631-TOPARTY; Aramark Food Services; and of course, our very own superintendent Daniel Giordano. Without all of these considerate and charitable contributions, Lindy’s Key Club could never have adequately honored the memory of the beloved Dominik Gonzales as beautifully as they did. Dominik will be missed by all who knew him, but through Iron Man and the selfless generosity of Lindy Key Club head Ms. Berry, he will never be forgotten.

Courtesy of Ms. Berry