Longin’ With Lara – Locke & Key


Lara Sinkus, Staff Writer

Welcome back to the next movie review, and first of this new school year of Loungin’ With Lara! This week, I have viewed and reviewed the first season of Locke and Key. 


What is Locke and Key?

Locke and Key is a Netflix Original that follows the life of a family that moves into their family heirloom house, after the passing of the father. There are several mysteries to the house that are both intriguing and consequential. The show follows the family through these twists and turns as the episodes go on. Season one, in particular, has a length of ten episodes, with a run-time of forty to fifty-six minutes. Season one was released on February 7, 2020, and was produced by Kevin Lafferty. Since the show is a Netflix original, it can only be streamed with a subscription to Netflix. This show is filled with mysterious twists-and-turns that keep you continuing to watch for hours!


Why I recommend to watch Locke and Key

I had hesitated at first to watch this show because it usually is not the type of show I would watch. I usually stick to horror shows, or medical shows if I am being honest, but I am glad that I decided to give this show a chance because it was definitely worth it. It is categorized as a fantasy drama and a supernatural horror show. Therefore, you will experience plenty of fantasy related things, plenty of drama, a vast amount of supernatural beings, as well as some slight scary things here and there. An important factor in this is the relationship between the remaining of the Locke family, how close to each other they are, and how they will do anything to protect each other from any harm whatsoever. It relays the message that “family is more than just important, it is everything.” As seen in the title, there are these secret magical keys in the Locke mansion that all have mysterious powers, but get them into some immense danger. All in all, this show is a great watch, and I recommend it to all. 


My Review on Locke and Key: 


(Spoilers Ahead: If you have not seen this season of the show, make sure to check it out before you read this portion of the article. If you have seen this season of the show, feel free to leave your opinions on it in the comments!) 


I am now obsessed with this show, and am very excited to continue on with the show and watch season two. At first, I was intrigued but once I hit the episode where Kinsey erased the fear out of her mind and they went down into the cave, it was hooked. The biggest twist that I had suspicions on the whole time was Dodge being Lucas as well. I was able to tell by their facial features that they were either related or the same person. Especially the part where Dodge finally got the omega key for the crown, and became this crazy evil villain that tried to attack everyone in the house until she was stopped and thrown into the cave. But of course there was a twist to this, which was the evolution of Dodge into Gabe’s body. That was the part that shocked me the most, almost to the point where I was upset. He was one of my favorite characters and I loved him and Kinsey together. But now, since he is Dodge, we cannot trust him anymore, and I am sure he will be up to plenty of mischief in this next season. 


Thanks for tuning into this segment of Loungin’ With Lara! See you next time!