Is Lindenhurst High School Going Virtual?


Sara Morello, Staff Writer

Lindenhurst High School just returned from Christmas break and it’s already looking a little different. As we know, Covid has been spreading like wildfire since the holidays. Since we’ve been back more and more students and teachers are getting quarantined. The number of students in classrooms have gone down a significant amount and half of the teachers have been absent. This has been making people around the school start to wonder if Lindy is going online again.

A lot of schools on Long Island have gone online since the holidays. As of January 3rd 2022, Hicksville, Baldwin, Freeport, and Wyandanch went remote. One of the Lindenhurst elementary schools Alleghany recently went remote as well. Alleghany had too many teachers test positive, and with not enough staff, they had no other option other than to close. Now that many of the teachers at the high school are being quarantined, students think they’re not going to have any other option than to go remote again. 

Thousands of students, teachers, and staff across Nassau and Suffolk county have tested positive for COVID-19 since January 13th. Long Island in general is also reported to have the highest number of Covid cases among students than any other region in the state this year. “Long Island comes in first in the state for the most amount of cases since September at 34,620. Behind Long Island is New York City which stands at 27,707 cases since September.”

Many schools on Long Island are switching to remote learning along with the thousands of Covid cases between students and staff. There’s been a lot of speculation that Lindenhurst High School is going virtual because of the recent staff issue and the large amounts of students with Covid cases. We’re hoping that with our teacher’s starting to come back from quarantine, we can stay open for the rest of the year.