Meet Ms. Ciaccio


Cassidy Botsch

The digital photography class on B days has had quite the school year! In the start of the year the class started with a teacher that was young, bright, and spirited. Around winter break she resigned due to the need of a full time job. The position she had here was only part time. Once the students got back from winter break, they were prepared to no longer have their normal teacher. They worked with a sub for about two weeks, though the class was considered more of a study hall until they received a new teacher. Around the third week of January the students received a new teacher who also turned out to be only temporary. She was in the position of teacher for about a little less than two months. Eventually she was also in need of a full time job that was more efficient for her living and day to day life, so she also resigned.  

With a sub for only about a week, the class received their new teacher. She reassured the students that she will indeed be staying until the end of the year! The part time photography teaching position was perfect for the new teacher, despite never having experience teaching a photography class before. She didn’t need a full time job due to her side job and Etsy shops she has outside of the school. Before taking the role as the new permanent teacher for this role she worked as a substitute throughout Lindenhurst, mainly in the elementary schools. She also worked in Smithtown East high school as well as Wyandanch Elementary School. 

Aside from working in the new part time position in our high school she is the head of costume, hair, makeup, and set design at a local film company called Sixth Sense. She also is the owner of not one, but two very successful Etsy shops. Overall she is a bright, clearly a multi-talented woman who is a great fit for the position!